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by CharlieCharlie
04 Feb 2019, 08:43
Forum: Healthcare and Welfare
Topic: Spay question...
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Re: Spay question...

Thank you for your comments. I took Luna to the vets this morning and they seem to think she is ok. Wound is healing well and doesn’t seem to be causing pain although the glue at either end might be uncomfortable. They think she might just be a little dramatic!! Feel so much better. We need to get ...
by CharlieCharlie
04 Feb 2019, 08:39
Forum: Healthcare and Welfare
Topic: Fleas
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Re: Fleas

" I’m struggling to get rid of fleas on my mini. I bathed her yesterday and when dry, rubbed de into her coat. Washed everything in the house that would fit into the washing machine and hoovered. Today she still has fleas running around on her tummy. We have repeated bath, de and hoovering. What els...
by CharlieCharlie
26 Dec 2018, 15:23
Forum: Puppy Care
Topic: Pippins new friend
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Re: Pippins new friend

That's nice that you kept the puppy. Is he okay now?