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Post by Trainingisnumber1 » 21 Jul 2018, 13:17

Hi. ☺

Just introducing myself. I have been showing in confirmation since 2003
and competing in performance events since 1994. I have obtained an advance obedience title with AKC on my a Rottie and have gotten a CD and RE on Irish Terrier and a Championship.
I have always been interested in Standard Schnauzer and as I found myself now without a dog after my last Irish passed away I am planning on a Standard for all forms of Performance work including herding.
I have joined this forum to find out and research as much as possible on a Standard and what to expect and I want to know from the people who actually live with them not just what you read about them. My Rottie was extremely intelligent and I really would like another dog with that high intelligence.
Thank you looking forward to learning more about SS

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Re: Hi

Post by Robin black mini » 21 Jul 2018, 13:35

If you fancy I trip,I have been looking at a wonderful pup available now and of age for the pet passport....health tested ch parents....
I'm in Italy,pup in is Padua...the breeder speaks English...look at the link and you will see she's an exceptional breeder...
I've been trying to persuade my hub three is a charm,but he's not convinced...in truth I would buy this one myself...pm sent to you. More details in pm..

Plus..if you put working titles on an Irish terrier the ST schnauzer will be a breeze.
My father had an Irish growing up...the tales he used to tell !
I've had a rottie from Von gruntenblick kennels in Germany...working lines ,and I often compare my current tiny mini schnauzer to her in character...both alpha girls,hard dogs ,tough,but very loyal and trainable if they respect your leadership.

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