Is this normal for 16 weeks?

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Is this normal for 16 weeks?

Post by S1lverlady » 22 Aug 2018, 17:22

I've been trying to find a list of expected developments in relation to weeks of life for a Standard Schnauzer.

My girl is almost perfect apart from my arms and legs being covered in bruises, teeth marks and scabs. She is 16 weeks old and I've had her since she was 7 weeks.

We have completed puppy school but will repeat as she is so young and was far too interested in everyone else in class.

I have ouched, played statues, offered other chew toys, soft toys, pull toys, nylabone and nothing seems as tasty as me. She has also begun to chew coasters and the corner of a wooden table until I force her to stop. I live in an open plan house so difficult to isolate other than by use of the crate where she can still see me.

Am trying to balance her naps with training and I'm very lucky in that she is clean from around 2100 to 0730 - she just passes out around 2100 and will not wake for a late toilet break.

She is teething and will mouth fairly gently, then tends to nip, are my arms and legs always going to be her target or will this stop naturally? If so when, she also manages to make holes in my clothes and I know holes in jeans are fashionable - not for this pensioner.

All help and suggestions gratefully received as I want to keep her, but my skin isn't coping well - we have seen a behavourist and my girl likes the Mikki dog training discs too, it's very hard to discover anything that she doesn't see as part of the biting game! Her name is Flirt and she really is one...

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Re: Is this normal for 16 weeks?

Post by Oscar 12345 » 22 Aug 2018, 17:40

Suzie, welcome to the forum. She is absolutely beautiful. I don't know anything about standards other than it sounds like you are doing the right things and she is very young and teething which is the worst time I think. I am sure others with more knowledge of this challenging breed can be more helpful. Have you chatted with the breeder about expectations and their experience and maybe even some of the owners of her siblings?

By the way, I felt a bit like you with my puppy and he was only a mini...... they can be very testing at a young age.
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Re: Is this normal for 16 weeks?

Post by zeta1454 » 22 Aug 2018, 18:34

Welcome to the Forum :-)
You will probably see if you browse the Board Index that puppies biting is one of the most regular topics. The biting, chewing and nipping that accompany teething is perfectly normal in all puppies of every breed as they try to distract from the discomfort of teething. It is a phase that they pass through in most cases without any input from their human family. It is one of the most challenging times as mentioned above and can be hard to cope with but will pass!

I don't know what chew toys you have used and whether you have offered a raw bone for Flirt to gnaw? The more she gets a workout for her jaws and teeth on something acceptable, the less likely she will be to try and take out her chew needs on you, your clothes and furniture. Rather than confining her to a crate when you are not interacting / watching her it might be worthwhile to get a sturdy playpen which can contain a bed and plenty of good chew items.

Do you have any friends or family with a placid, well behaved adult dog that could be introduced to Flirt and maybe able to teach her how to play more gently? Although there are some benefits to a well run puppy training class, it is even more important that puppies learn to get on with and socialise with mature dogs who are less likely to be hyperactive, excitable and bitey. Flirt may well benefit greatly from this kind of interaction whether or not you decide to revisit puppy school with her.

Good luck and hopefully someone with specific experience of standard schnauzers will be able to advise from their knowledge too.
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Re: Is this normal for 16 weeks?

Post by Schnauzer Sam » 22 Aug 2018, 18:38

Hi Suzie,

Welcome to you and your beautiful girl, Flirt.

If the standards, of which I've no experience, are anything like the minis then in a couple of months when she's 6 months old and her adult teeth should all have come in, you'll wonder where the crocodile that you're currently sharing your home with has gone. It sounds like you're doing everything that you can and with constant reinforcement from you, you will both get through to the other end. I'm going through the same situation with my 10 week old mini and I fully sympathise with you.
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Re: Is this normal for 16 weeks?

Post by Robin black mini » 23 Aug 2018, 11:11

The standards can be much more of a challenge than the minis..this can go on for the first year.
Your pup,at four months is beginning to take the Mickey.....this isn't just mouthing but it is your pup testing you out..
Forget being a statue you need to be more proactive..
I would definitely start some obedience training ..sit ,walk on lead,down ,stay...stay for a few minutes ,walk away...etc..fetch a toy,retrieve and swap this every 5 to 6months you need to have basic obedience established.

Keep a rope tug toy in your pocket or belt...throw or displace her biting with a brief tug on the rope and then release toy as an long as she's not chewing you..then try recall and rethrow the tug toy...if she won't release,you can also have a second tug to swap,throw etc.. This excercise is very effective..gets their can also call for a sit ,watch etc before you throw the toy as a reward.

At least three walks a day,half an hour each..try to keep to a routine..excercise playtime,then rest..

Keep her occupied ..this will tire her out and gain her respect.

Give her a place mat by your chair..keep her on a lead if she wants to get up and walk away,after she's been will become a good place for dog to settle..give a chew bone to occupy her

Definitely have a contained area where you have to leave her...there are extendable panels that you could use to block off an your kitchen...this is a breed that may be chewing for at least a year...the middle size and Giants will have a resurgence of chewing around ten months as their adult teeth settle into the me ,I've had a rottie lol..

Join every training class you can to keep socializing her and keep the dog occupied,even if she's too young to achieve their goals keep,attending.....keep going to active places,,school areas,malls if allowed coffee bars,the pub....etc...

What you put into the first year will give you the dog for your life ahead...don't let her bite you...tell her clearly in a sharp tone..".don't do that EVER again .".. This is not a two month pup,and statues won't get you there..she need s to hear your voice that you won't accept this...and then get her out for a happy move on to the positive.

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Re: Is this normal for 16 weeks?

Post by WynneLottie » 26 Aug 2018, 07:01

Our mini schnauzer is now 19 weeks old. We had her at 10 weeks and she obviously thought she was a furry piranha! I too had cuts, bruises etc until we started puppy training classes and were told to put 2 fingers in the back of her collar and hold firmly (whilst telling her no biting) until she visibly relaxed then loose her off and praise her for not going straight back to eating us. Apparently this is the nearest to what her mother would do when she’s playing too rough. So we then had a wonderful few weeks....until last week .... the teething stage!! She’s lost a few of her front bottom teeth and has reverted back to the aggressive stage. I’m hoping this will pass quite quickly 😬

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Re: Is this normal for 16 weeks?

Post by Riesen16 » 26 Aug 2018, 14:35

The Standard Schnauzers are the original Schnauzers. They are very often noted as the most difficult to train.
They need loving but strong training.

It is definitely not impossible to train them but consequence is necessary, even more so than the other Schnauzers large and small and most other dogs.

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