new member, and Watson

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Re: new member, and Watson

Post by Schnauzenator »

Oh yes - until he’s running away from you. And he will. Lots lol. as in bolts! May I suggest a box of healthy biscuits to shake .... that always brought my puppy back.

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Re: new member, and Watson

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A lovely post Julie.
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we also need a schnauzer.

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Re: new member, and Watson

Post by Watson01 »

What a lovely post, thanks Julie. I’ve been so wrapped up in spending time with Watson that i’ve Not been back here for a while, so its a great surprise to have such a positive response. He is still glorious! But growing incredibly fast. As many of you mentioned, they are a very smart breed, and Watson is no exception. He is now much happier in the car, and is doing great at training. He’s coming back on walks at the moment, but has yet to be tested by spotting anything running away, and giving chase. He loves a treat! He’s still not perfect at going out. We’ve had almost a solid week where he went out every time, and we thought we had cracked it, but then suddenly did a little pee inside. Infuriating, as it does feel like he knows where to go. We got little bells on the door and he started ringing them too. Still pretty terrible separation anxiety, but trying to give him a bit of time on his own at least once a day so he realises its not forever! Thanks as always for the advice.

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