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Please feel free to introduce yourself and your Schnauzer to the rest of the members of the forum. A photo of your Schnauzer is always appreciated.

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Please do not post questions regarding your dog here. This area allows people to introduce themselves and get to know other members of the forum. Any specific issues can be raised in the appropriate section.
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New members please read before posting.

Post by Jools » 21 Mar 2008, 11:08

The Admin Team of the forum welcome you to The Schnauzer-Forum....please feel free to post an introduction of yourself in this section and if you like, you can post a picture of your Schnauzer in either of the threads Schnauzer pics or puppy pics. Details on how to post pictures can be found as announcements in each of those categories.

Please do not post any other topics other than your introduction in the Welcome section. You will find loads of other sections and having everything together makes it easier to read and find things.

If you require any assistance click on the FAQ tab towards the top of the screen where you will find answers to many questions that you may have. Alternatively send a PM to any of the Moderators who will be happy to assist you. You will find the PM button below every post linked to a particular user.

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