That Schnauzer Skin Problem

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That Schnauzer Skin Problem

Post by Gghann » 06 Mar 2019, 09:01

You know what Im talkin' about. Bumpy dry along the top of the body. I know there is a name for i but i dont know offhand what it was. If i can recall it has something to do with the hair follicle not coming out and getting clogged or something. Can someone correct me. What do some of you do for it. I did run the Furminator on the back after the 15 trim.

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Re: That Schnauzer Skin Problem

Post by Oscar 12345 » 06 Mar 2019, 18:30

A common skin condition in schnauzers is folliculitis and a form of that is Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome. I strip Otto's coat so haven't had these but in my previous schnauzer who was clipped and had a small handful in his lifetime I used to pick them off with my clean nail and wipe with salt water as soon as I found them so that the hair could grow properly. They used to come off easily like a bit of warted dry skin. Not sure that would be recommended by anyone else but worked for me and as I said I only had a few to deal with. On the one I left on him it turned into a hard bump that wouldn't have been picked off without hurting him.
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