New kibble mat

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New kibble mat

Post by Dawnspell »

I've started feeding Jasper a combination of home cooked, freeze dried raw and cold pressed food. I've been flattening out the home cooked before cooking then cutting it up into small pieces using pizza cutter to make a kind of kibble. Depending on ingredients I put in it can end up a bit crumbly once cut so not very good for scatter feeding or keeping in a bag in your pocket etc.

I came across this silicone mat that has 460 holes. Just tried it this morning and it works really well. They pieces arent crumbly at all and hold shape when squeezed. They just drop out when cooked not sticking at all. The tub is how much for one tray full and the penny to show the size of kibble. Sorry just noticed its a Guernsey penny, its same size as UK penny :ymblushing:

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Re: New kibble mat

Post by zeta1454 »

Great idea - looks good and I’m sure it is more tasty for Jasper too :)
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