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Posted: 31 Aug 2018, 20:48
by Emmar0551
I’m sure this has probably been asked before so I will apologise in advance.

I have a female miniature called Betty who suffers from pancreatitis flare ups. She is 5 years old and the first time was when she was about 2 and ended up being hospitalised for around 5 days. Since then she has had a number of bouts of pancreatitis. It is awful and leaves her obviously feeling very unwell and sorry for herself.

I am wondering what other people whose schnauzers are prone to this feed them?

Any advice would be great fully received

Thanks in advance
Emma & Betty

Re: Pancreatitis

Posted: 31 Aug 2018, 21:41
by Schnauzer Sam
Emmar0551 wrote: ↑
31 Aug 2018, 20:48
I am wondering what other people whose schnauzers are prone to this feed them?
Hi Emma and Betty,

You need to make sure you feed her a low fat diet as a high fat diet will cause flare up. I don't know what you currently feed her but if it's a kibble, try and find one under 10% fat, if it's wet food then find one under 13%. I've no knowledge of raw food should you use that but there are some on here that could help if that's what you currently feed.

Have a look at this guide ... -directory

Click on the nutrient levels and use the sliders to find a food with a suitable low fat level.

Re: Pancreatitis

Posted: 01 Sep 2018, 18:20
by zeta1454
If you do feed raw, there are some of the companies who sell complete raw meals which cater for dogs prone to pancreatitis: ... w-dog-food

Or this low fat option: ... uperfoods/

The Paleo Ridge complete are also generally low in fat if that is the main consideration:

Dorwest Herbs Tree Barks Powder is also a useful supplement for dogs with digestive issues including pancreatitis: ... -and-cats/

These are all just suggestions though not veterinary advice but these are the kind of options I would be looking at if I had a similar issue with ours. No direct experience however with a dog suffering pancreatitis so hopefully someone with personal experience of this with their dog will be able to help too.

Re: Pancreatitis

Posted: 02 Sep 2018, 17:36
by Champ629
Our boy Jake now aged 11.5 yrs was first diagnosed with Pancreatitis when he was 6 yrs, the first flare up hospitalised him as it was so severe, since then he has had a number of smaller flare ups and one other more serious one last year. We try and feed him a low fat diet, have tried lots of different kibble and wet foods that are less than 10% oil/fat. Jake also has IBD which adds to his problems. The vet wanted us to give Royal Canin Gastro but Jake couldn't tolerate it and it really upset him (as did the Hills I/D). So we eventually settled on Chappie wet and dry twice a day, whilst this is not the food of choice for many, it suits Jake and keeps him stable, so I am happy with that to give him a good quality of life.

Re: Pancreatitis

Posted: 03 Dec 2018, 20:35
by Emmar0551
Quick update for anyone in a similar situation!

After lots of advice and research Betty is now happily having Wainwright's Adult Complete Weight Control Dry Dog Food which is under 10% fat, I think it’s actually 9%. She absolutely loves the food and gets very excited at feeding time! The best news is that she looks really healthy, good weight and no flare ups since her move to it!!

Thanks for all the help guys!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Re: Pancreatitis

Posted: 04 Dec 2018, 11:49
by Oscar 12345
Emma, that is fantastic news and long may it continue. I think we all worry about pancreatitis so the more good news stories the better. :)

Re: Pancreatitis

Posted: 25 Dec 2018, 18:59
by oscarsmate
Oscar has pancreatitis, we feed him royal canin kibbles and supplement with chap pie in the evening.

The biggest difference is sprinkling a lypex capsule on his meals, since we started regular dosing he seemed to have settled down