8 month standard schnauzer food

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8 month standard schnauzer food

Post by Josuedee46 » 10 Sep 2019, 19:23

Hello, I have an 8 month chunky standard schnauzer bitch. I’ve recently changed vets and my new one thinks she is overweight (can’t see her ribs). Just wondering how much (weight) you feed wet or dry food. She has two meals per day and gets a lot of exercise. I know she’s still got a lot of growing so want to make sure she had a good diet. She loves eating carrots and apples! But maybe I’ve been over doing it with the treat from all the training! Thanks for reading !!

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Re: 8 month standard schnauzer food

Post by zeta1454 » 11 Sep 2019, 15:02

Welcome to the Forum Jo :-)

You should not be able to see the ribs on a schnauzer or they would be very underweight. Did the vet mean "feel" the ribs which is a common technique for judging whether or not a dog may be too fat. Your standard is still a puppy and puppies often are quite chubby until they grow into their adult shape. It is difficult to offer advice re weight and feeding as commercial foods for dogs vary so much as to calorie / fat / carbohydrate levels in each.

It is true that often, if a dog does become overweight that it is due to too many treats rather than too much in their meals. You could try reducing the size and amount of treats and maybe substitute tiny pieces of carrot, cooked chicken breast etc. which are low in fat and sugar.

What food are you using currently? You could check out the quality of the food or look at other alternatives on the All About Dog Food website:

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Re: 8 month standard schnauzer food

Post by redalert » 12 Sep 2019, 08:27

Hi Jo, I have 2 spayed standard bitches and one weighs 12 kilos and one weighs 13.5 kilos, both are considered the correct weight by our vets. On does put on weight more easily and one loses weight easily so I have to keep a close eye one them. I feed them Natures Menu frozen nuggets, and that is really good for keeping the weight off or on, as some flavours have a fat content of only 4% up to around the 8%. My girls love it and if pushed for time I give them the wet pouches. As your girl likes fruit and veg this may well suit her very nicely. It is also very convenient as you just count out the nuggets morning and evening.

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