Fat/protein content

Need help or advice on feeding your Schnauzer, whether it be kibble or treats, you'll find the information here. There is food reviews, recipes, remedies for poorly tummies and a wealth of feeding knowledge from your fellow Schnauzer owner. We cover BARF in a separate section.
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Re: Fat/protein content

Post by zeta1454 »

We usually move puppies to 2 meals a day at 6 months so, if Harley is seeming uninterested in his food then I would cut out the middle snack / meal to start with. I would also look to reduce the amount of the others by a little if he is still reluctant to eat. Recommendations from manufacturers are often too high and in any event dogs are as individual as people with different metabolisms and some may do well on less than the average’ while some need more.

We feed our dogs at approximately a 12 hour gap so around 6-6.30 a.m in summer (7p.m. in winter as we get up later) and 6-6.30 p.m. for their second meal. They do tend to rest through the evening until we go to bed around 10 p.m. You don’t want to feed Harley too close to his bedtime as you want to be sure he won’t need to go to the toilet in the night but there is no need to be exact about the time as long as you get into a routine with him for whichever times you choose.
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Re: Fat/protein content

Post by Schnauzerluv »

Thanks so much Leigh! I'm going to cut out that middle snack and try it. Do you think it's because he's not growing as fast (actually I think his size is maxed out and he'll just fill out more) that he is not eating so much? My other minis acted like they were starving. I'm not used to this. I fed my other minis a different food though and I think Ozzy's new food packs more nutrition punch. Ozzy is also in a fitter state than my last male mini who was always struggling with putting on weight too quickly and Ozzy is more active. The suggested amount on his food bag is the same amount I used to feed my other two minis. But again, I think more was suggested and I fed them the amount to maintain good weight. I don't think Ozzy has the same weight issue.

I was still adding water to his food (making it spongy (soft). I thought was maybe why he wasn't into his later meals as much since he ate his dry food in the morning in a snuffle mat well. Since I've been adding more food for his breakfast, he isn't quite eating it all (but most of it), he finished the rest this morning after his hour long walk. So I do think it might help to reduce amounts a little bit and I can train him with his other (treat food) instead of trying to get the amount suggested into him.

Thanks so much!!!!
If I feed him breakfast at 8am, what is a good time for his second meal? I'm thinking 5 or 6pm? I can give him a small snack of bread or healthy cookie late at night to help with his tum? He has no issues, but I know he shouldn't have an empty stomach and more than 12 hours between meals can cause nausea (bile) overnight or in the morning. Does it sound good?

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