The new symbols

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The new symbols

Post by Dinkum »

A key to the new symbols in the Prosilver forum and what they mean.

Image This is a topic icon in blue indicating that there are no new, unread posts in the topic.

Image This is a topic icon in red indicating that there are new posts that you haven't read in the topic.

Image Click on this icon to jump to the first unread post in the particular topic.

Image The asterisk in the red or blue circle indicates that you have posted to this topic. Can be in the red or blue icons.

Image The scrolling text indicates a popular topic which is defined as a topic with more than 25 replies. Can be in red or blue again.

ImageThe topic has been locked and you cannot reply to any of the posts in the forum. You can still read it though.

Image This is a sticky topic, as set by the admin team and will appear at the top of any forum section. Normally applies to organised walks or a post of importance.

Image This indicates an announcement topic. Normally used when I have broken something :-B =))

Remember the blue icons means that you have read all the posts in that particular topic. Red means there are topics you haven't read. A padlock means the topic or forum is locked and an asterisk * means you have posted to the topic.

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Re: The new symbols

Post by angieh »

Thanks Dean ............. guess this needs to be a sticky!!!

Woops, just seen it already is!!!

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