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Similar Topics

Post by Dinkum »

Hi all

I have been requested to add a new feature to the board and it is now live. At the bottom of the current topic you are reading, you will see a new section entitled 'Similar Topics'. This will list 5 topics that have similar content in their title to the one that you are currently reading. Hopefully this will be specifically useful if you are researching a behavioural or food related issue, as you will see 5 similar topics that may or may not discuss the same topic.

It will take a few hours to build up a list of 'Similar Topics', so the match may not always be as accurate as you expect.

If you spot anything unusual, please let me know and I can fix it.
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Re: Similar Topics

Post by Wookie Woo »

Blimey Dean you are a very clever man, not sure how you do all this but I'm very glad you do, Happy New Year to the 4 of you & thanks again Helen
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Re: Similar Topics

Post by MieleMoo »

That will be extremely useful thanks Dean!!
Miele: 28/06/2011
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Re: Similar Topics

Post by Maty »

Wow, that is clever! Thanks Dean :D

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Re: Similar Topics

Post by Cat M »

Holey Moley that's brilliant - as are you Dean :-*

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Re: Similar Topics

Post by nessclair »

Thanks Dean. This forum really is all singing and all dancing- so incredibly useful and an invaluable tool in my journey with a mischeivous mini schnau- don't know where Monty and I would be without it! (I dread to think!!)
Ness and Monty (S/P mini born 21.9.10 rehomed with me 13.8.11)

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Re: Similar Topics

Post by Derwent »

Thanks Dean, Happy New Year to you all.
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Re: Similar Topics

Post by elizdavies0 »

Thank you, this new feature is really great. Thank you.

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Re: Similar Topics

Post by miniforme »

Very useful thank you
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Re: Similar Topics

Post by Lotties Ma »

Lottie and I are very impressed. ;)
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