Vote rigging

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Vote rigging

Post by Dinkum »

It has come to my attention that there has been a number of irregularities with regards to the voting of the finalists in our monthly calendar competition. There have been quite a few new accounts registered by existing members for the sole purpose of voting and influencing the results. These accounts then lay dormant never to be used again.

Whilst I am not expressly aware of any rule saying that members cannot have more than one account, there is a rule that each account has to have a unique email address. Registering multiple accounts to simply influence the results of the monthly calendar entries is not fair on the rest of us that only get one vote. It is also not fair on all the people that have posted some great photographs of their dogs to be overshadowed by individuals voting more than once for the same photograph. By all means, rally support through Facebook and elsewhere, but don't cheat.

In light of this, I am reviewing all the votes in our calendar polls. Where I find duplicate accounts, I will be deleting those accounts and removing the vote from that particular entry. I will also be keeping a closer eye on entries going forward.

These changes are going to take some time and may change the final results of the monthly finalists of the competition. Please bear with me whilst I make the changes.

To those members responsible, I would ask that you refrain from doing so again in the future. Next time, I will remove the offending entry from the competition.

I have also taken the liberty of locking this topic as I do not want it descending into a witch hunt or blame game. I also will not be naming names, so please do not ask.
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