Dog feeding

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Dog feeding

Post by Aysha »

I posted in the forum asking for advise on feeding. My mini goes off her dry food after a few weeks. Just turns her nose up at it.
I asked if anyone had any advice on which food she might fancy eating. I said that I've tried good ingredient food but was only
informed about different dry foods used by members. Some of them are difficult to get. I wanted advice about foods that she's
going to want to eat regularly. I re-posted and was told by the Moderator that the post wasn't allowed because I'd already posted
the same question but it was not exactly the same question. There's no point on being on this forum if I can't get advice on my
question. I'd already said that I'd tried some of the best dry food without continuing success.

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Re: Dog feeding

Post by zeta1454 »

Not sure about the issue re posting as to what happened but hopefully you will get some more advice re feeding from other members now. Suggestions were made on your previous post as to ways of making dry food more exciting to eat using Nina Ottoson type toys and hiding the kibble for your little one to find.

However if you feel that the dried food is not appealing to her and would like to try a different type of food altogether then there are lots of other options including tinned, pouches, raw and dehydrated food. We had a dog years ago who refused many different types of quality kibble and we decided to switch to raw feeding which he loved and we have never looked back. All our dogs are raw fed and do well on it. Nowadays there are a range of companies who offer complete raw foods which take the worry out of making sure your dog is getting a good range of nutrients. Natural Instinct, Nutriment, Wolf Tucker and many others are some of the companies who produce this type of food

There are also dehydrated foods where fresh vegetables and fresh meat are gently dehydrated and can be reconstituted for the meal. These are useful if you are reluctant to go to raw feeding. Pure Pet Foods is an example:" onclick=";return false;

The AllAbout Dog food website gives guidance as to quality and ingredients of a wide range of dog food and may also be useful to look at:" onclick=";return false;

I hope this is of some help to you and I am sure other Forum members will be able to recommend foods that have worked for their fussy dogs. Personally I would recommend a food that has fresh named meat and vegetables ( whether cooked, dehydrated or raw) to tempt a reluctant dog and try not to give up too quickly if she turns her nose up at it or you will be forever going from one food to another and that is frustrating.

Good luck :)
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Re: Dog feeding

Post by squidgy100 »

Lolah used to turn her nose up at her kibble too...she would be all saggy tailed when you called her for 'din dins' but would look at it and just turn away!

We have not looked back since the day we moved onto raw.....she has never refused a meal in 9 months! Must be worth considering??

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Re: Dog feeding

Post by Robin black mini »

HI Martin,first don't give up,we are here for you.
My mini would eat the bowl if I let her...but my st poodle is a bit more based on his needs..
We give natural and delicious chicken kibble,scalded...mixed with a portion of boiled chicken,or minced beef..or fish.....wolfed down!
We add veg ,when we have it..a raw carrot for chews,....the list, is endless..
I hope this helps your dog to eat.
Bone dry kibble is unappetizing..scalding the kibble helps to give it a smell,adding a few extra proteins doesn't hurt,but keep portions monitored to avoid your dog getting too heavy!


Re: Dog feeding

Post by Aysha »

Don't think my reply went through so will repeat by saying thank you for your advice. I have already ordered Chicken purepetfood to try. Will let you know how my girl gets on with it. I only give her dry food in the morning and 2 out of 7 evenings. I give her raw food or boiled cod on the other nights. She does eat dry food better if it's been soaked but not always. Thanks again for your helpful advice.

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Re: Dog feeding

Post by Valentino »

Tilly used to go off her kibble after a few weeks so now we try to vary it by adding different little extras. A bit of boiling water definitely helps intensify the smell, but we also sometimes stir in a chopped up half carrot, or other veg - she likes a handful of frozen peas or raw French beans. Two or three times a week we mix in about a quarter or third of a tin of sardines. That's definitely the favourite.

She loves a raw egg as well, but that's like hairspraying her beard, so she only gets egg if we've run out of everything else.

I think it's all about variety and ringing the changes.

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Re: Dog feeding

Post by mikegoodson1 »

I feed Oscar dried food and now and again he seems to turn his nose up to it and so I add some warm water to it - it stirs up the smell and softens the kibbles and he loves it.

So maybe worth a try?


Re: Dog feeding

Post by Aysha »

Ayesha is better on dry food since I took the advice of putting some warm water with it. After she's ate it I put normal dry food in her bowl and then she eats that also. Bought Pure Naturally Dehydrated as advised but she refused to eat it. Tried it the following night and she still refused to eat it. Pets at Home will refund or just exchange it for her normal dry or wet food so nothing lost.

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Re: Dog feeding

Post by Purple_peach »

I have previously always fed a high quality dried kibble to any of my dogs with no problems at all except for Pippin, who has now decided that he doesn't like it - he went 3 days refusing to eat!

Eventually I gave in and bought some chicken and fed it raw, starting with a drumstick just to see - he devoured every bit with gusto and has really taken to raw. Where before he would reluctantly go to his bowl (before he stopped eating altogether) but now he darts into the kitchen looking for his dinner

Maybe you could try it, if all else fails. Good luck x

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