Miniature Schnauzer teething

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Miniature Schnauzer teething

Post by Monty »

Hello, we have our first puppy so are new to a lot of things. He is 5 months old and started teething, about a week in to this process he seems to have gone off his food and looks a bit depressed and is not as active. We are trying everything from soaking food, cold towels to chew on etc. Is this normal behaviour? and can anyone offer some advice. Many thanks

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Re: Miniature Schnauzer teething

Post by zeta1454 »

Do not worry - these are not at all unusual behaviours when a puppy is teething. They do suffer pain during this and it is common for them to be more fussy over eating their usual food and to seem a bit low (understandably). Offer plenty of chew items as well as the cold towels. We have used antlers, Anco roots and raw lamb spine/ribs to our puppies. Give him lots of TLC, try not to show you are anxious over his reluctance to eat, massage his gums gently with a soft cold cloth periodically if he will let you do this.

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Re: Miniature Schnauzer teething

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sterling advice above..lots of chews and frozen denim or towel etc..
Also ,check on his canines,sometimes these don't shed and you have double dentition..i.e. two canines in one space..I would jiggle with my finger in "massage mode" and keep an eye on them see they have shed the baby canine tooth..tug games help to get the baby canines out at this stage ..I would want to see the canines are changed by seven months or you need vet intervention...this is more common in toy breeds and not so much in our robust "terroristi"
Also this is the hardest stage for your dog..he is shedding his baby teeth and the adult teeth are erupting...sone complain at 7 to 10 months that their perfect puppy has regressed to chewing again...but it's the FINAL stage of dental development and will be over..the adult molars are painful when they erupt..some pups sail through this,others are more sensitive.
If he won't eat I would keep on with the soaked kibble...(I do this anyway for the life of the dog to avoid bloat)
Offer soft foods..tinned,boiled fish,chopped chicken, etc..

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