Rosie and Edie go on RAW

BARF refers to Biologically Appropriate Raw food or Bones and Raw Food. It is where owners have decided to feed their Schnauzer a natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs. If you are considering this for your Schnauzer, you will find lots of handy tips here.
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Re: Rosie and Edie go on RAW

Post by Schnauzenator » 16 Nov 2019, 19:09

I have just popped my Shnau onto a combo diet. I throw her frozen fish (nose to tail) as treats, along with dehydrated liver and heart.
I make a bone broth every 2 weeks adding pulverised eggshells for the entire boil.
I then prepare a few veg for the fridge for the week ... sweet potato, butternut, peas, broccoli, etc (she loves those as frosted treats too) then she gets that with whatever meat my hubby and I eat for the night (raw) with Kelp and salmon oil.
She likes a little porridge and scrambled egg for breakers ... but I also have Pooch and Mutt nibble on hand for a quick, crunchy alternative.
She is a happy pup. Well. I’ve smelled the occasional Uric acid on her - but she was shredded by a Rottweiler a few years ago and she was on serious prophynol (like M Jackson) and morphine and and and and.
I carried her for toilets for months - so I understand her lover/kidneys have been tortured. I do prefer lean turkey and white flaky fish too (but boy, she goes crazy for a frozen sprat!). And a frozen pea. And frozen mango 🤣. All in all, I would say that we manage. Looking forward to reading more posts to get some ideas 👍

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