My haul of bones

BARF refers to Biologically Appropriate Raw food or Bones and Raw Food. It is where owners have decided to feed their Schnauzer a natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs. If you are considering this for your Schnauzer, you will find lots of handy tips here.
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My haul of bones

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I've always got lamb ribs from Waitrose for both Barney and now Jasper. They work out about the same price as buying Natures menu but have a lot more meat on. They havent had any for around a month now. Last week I went to our local butcher to ask if they had any. He said they didnt as they remove the bones to roll the meat as a breast join. I said they werent for me but the dog. To which he replied thats no problem then, I'll save you a bag we only throw them away anyway.

I went to collect them this morning, I reckon there about 6kg :-o Jasper is currently very happy chewing on a shoulder blade :D I had to use the garden loppers to chop them up since they were frozen.
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