BARF, food and the Older Schnauzer

BARF refers to Biologically Appropriate Raw food or Bones and Raw Food. It is where owners have decided to feed their Schnauzer a natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs. If you are considering this for your Schnauzer, you will find lots of handy tips here.
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BARF, food and the Older Schnauzer

Post by Captain Chaos » 28 Sep 2010, 07:59

Hi BARF-ers!
My mum was told she should change her older doggy's food from Chappie to a specialist vet sold kibble for older dogs. I can see that older dogs may benefit from light, easy to digest food, but I am not a huge fan of kibble. Chappie seems like quite a light food to me - main ingrediants chicken and fish - but I wondered if there is such a thing as a light BARF diet for older dogs? Or any other recommendations?
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Re: BARF, food and the Older Schnauzer

Post by Eddie » 28 Sep 2010, 08:34

I can't help you but I've moved the thread into the BARF section so hopefully some of our barfers will have some suggestions.
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Re: BARF, food and the Older Schnauzer

Post by Lipgloss » 28 Sep 2010, 10:34

Hi there, unless the older dog has a medical condition one can feed him/her just barf as usual. If you want to feed less calories (and that would be for any age dog) just choose those meats which are not as fatty and add more veg and fruit. Normally with barf you feed everything raw, but you can add some boiled rice if you want to bulk up the food without adding too many calories.
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