Dear Eddie

Saying goodbye to our Schnauzers is the hardest part. Share your memories here as we bid farewell to our beloved friends. They've crossed the bridge and returned to the meadow in full health and free of injuries. Running free. We won't forget.
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Re: RIP Eddie.......19 Mar 2007 ---25 Jul 2012

Post by hula-hoop »

I have just caught up with this thread, this is great news Graham, I am assuming she is a beanara girl?! :D How are Mouse and Daisy getting along now, after a few days together? I hope Mouse feels more settled now, it must have been saddening to watch her suffering alone.
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Re: RIP Eddie.......19 Mar 2007 ---25 Jul 2012

Post by jaegervalder »

Good luck to you all,it seems it was meant to be, a bit like Primrose and Lilly!
It's strange to read a thread where toy start if crying and end up saying ahhh! :)
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Re: RIP Eddie.......19 Mar 2007 ---25 Jul 2012

Post by carolinh »

so pleased Mouse has a new friend-I hope they get on well...and I know I am biased, but I like Donnas new name too!!
best wishes.

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Re: RIP Eddie.......19 Mar 2007 ---25 Jul 2012

Post by Katy »

Ive not been on here for some time and couldnt belive it when I read about Eddie, I only met him once and he was the most laid back Schnauzer just like a teddy bear.

Run free Eddie you beautiful boy :YMHUG:

I hope Mouse is a little better now she has a new companion to help her

Thinking of you all xx

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Re: RIP Eddie.......19 Mar 2007 ---25 Jul 2012

Post by schnauzy »

So sorry to read about Eddie at only 5 years old, so sad and unexpected. We met Eddie and Mouse on the Edinburgh walk.

I'm glad you got another friend for Mouse, and she will help to heal the terrible pain you are all suffering. Daisy is a lovely name for a white schnauzer and its great she has a new loving home and family.

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Re: RIP Eddie.......19 Mar 2007 ---25 Jul 2012

Post by MiniMe »

So so sorry for your loss, your pain and shock was palpable in your posts. I hope Daisy brings some comfort to your home. A woman I know who recently lost her beloved companion at a similarly young age, used some of her dogs ashes to make a beautiful glass pendant. I thought it was a beautiful idea, I'm sure it comforts her to always keep her near. This is the website" onclick=";return false;

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Re: RIP Eddie.......19 Mar 2007 ---25 Jul 2012

Post by Flynny »

Just caught up with this thread, hope Daisy (Donna?) is settling in well.
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Dear Eddie

Post by Eddie »

Dear Eddie

Well my man it's been exactly a year since we lost you. We think of you every day and miss you terribly and there is more than an occasional tear still being shed for you. I think maybe you are still keeping an eye on things as occasionally we are sure we catch a fleeting glimpse of you out of the corner of our eye. It may just be imagination but then again it may not be. I prefer to think that it is you but if it's not I'll quickly bring you up to date with what's been happening as you were always so interested in everything.

Mouse took your loss very badly. You were the whole world to her and we worried that we would also lose her. She stopped eating and spent her days sitting by the front door waiting for you or lying in your favourite spots which I guess still had your scent. So enter Daisy. We rehomed her from a breeder and she proved to be just what Mouse needed. They immediately got on very well and she has proved to be a very sweet well behaved dog but as she is a bit older she didn't play as much as Mouse would like. So enter Reilly. He is just a pup and is full of personality and energy. He loves to play and I think he is aware of Mouse's blindness. As you did he will drop a toy on the floor or give a woof so that she knows where he is. The 3 of them get on very well together. I'm sorry that you didn't get to meet Daisy and Reilly as you all would have got on very well

I remember how much you enjoyed your Pets as Therapy work and how much effort you put in to it so I may give it a try with Reilly when he is a little older. I think he would also enjoy it as he loves meeting new people.

It's busy here with 3 dogs but I just wanted to let you know that you have not been forgotten and will always be our "beautiful boy". Judie has booked to get another tattoo which will be a memorial to you and I will probably do the same once I decide what I want. Mouse still remembers as well. It was just the other day that she found one of your old collars in a big box of stuff I was sorting out and proceeded to carry it around. I guess your scent was still on it.

All our love my man
Graham, Judie and Mouse

Graham, Judie, Eddie (19-03-07 to 25-07-12), Mouse, Daisy and little Reilly. Image

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Re: Dear Eddie

Post by Caramomo »

Oh my that had me in tears from line two, what a beautiful tribute to a very special little dog. Thinking of you all today.

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Re: Dear Eddie

Post by BarneyBella&Claire »

What a beautiful letter to a very special boy!! Thinking of you all today, big hugs Xxx
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Re: Dear Eddie

Post by zeta1454 »

Beautiful tribute. Thinking of you all today :ymhug:
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Re: Dear Eddie

Post by redalert »

What a lovely tribute to a lovely lovely boy, I'm in tears as I type this because I can soo connect with what you are saying. God bless you Eddie, keep watching over your family ;)
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Re: Dear Eddie

Post by angieh »

A very lovely tribute to dear Eddie. I expect his spirit still lingers while his memory is so fresh.

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Re: Dear Eddie

Post by Cat M »

Beautiful. Sending hugs for you all today :ymhug: I'm sharing a tear with you. Can't quite believe a year has passed. :ymhug:

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Re: Dear Eddie

Post by lj_thorne »

a beautiful tribute for a special boy... thinking of you all today.... :ymhug:
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