We've lost Susie-Belle

Saying goodbye to our Schnauzers is the hardest part. Share your memories here as we bid farewell to our beloved friends. They've crossed the bridge and returned to the meadow in full health and free of injuries. Running free. We won't forget.
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by nessclair » 22 Nov 2015, 16:05

So very sorry to read this news today. Susie Belle had the very best love and care possible in the last few years. It was a privilege to meet her. Wishing you all lots of love xxx
Ness and Monty (S/P mini born 21.9.10 rehomed with me 13.8.11)

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the valkyrie
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by the valkyrie » 22 Nov 2015, 19:26

No words of mine will heal the hurt you are suffering at the moment, but although I have never met you or Susie-Belle, I really felt I knew you both and had such admiration for you.
I can only offer heart felt commiserations to you and your loved ones.

Run free little girl xxx
Our darling Cassie-too born 11.1.2006 left us 1.6. 2012.
Miss you every day little girl xx

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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Lewis » 22 Nov 2015, 19:44

So sorry to hear this news. I never met your lovely dog, but have read much about her and can only imagine how you are all feeling. You have clearly inspired many and I hope that knowledge helps you through the next weeks and months. Thank you for sharing your stories. :ymhug:

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Parents of Roxy
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Parents of Roxy » 22 Nov 2015, 21:36

Oh no! We are so sorry for you. I know no words can take away your pain but we are thinking of you and what you must be going through at this awful time. Your journey with Susie-Belle has inspired so many people and always will. I will not forget her meeting Roxy at the Annual Schnauzer walks and her cheesy smirk when she was answering the chorus of barking when you were sitting in the shelter last year at Dovedale, when you were telling her to be quiet and she took no notice. She had a lovely life with you with nothing but the best so in time those memories will pull you through.
Hold Renae and Twinkle close and know that Susie-Belle is running free over the rainbow bridge with Jasmine and all our other forever loved furry ones.
Schnauzer loving family to Roxy our standard born 4/11/08
and Toby our adorable p&s mini - now over the Rainbow Bridge - missed and never forgotten.

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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Morgana99 » 22 Nov 2015, 23:52

We are very sad to hear Suzie-Belle had lost her fight so soon after her diagnosis and that you & your husband had to make the decision to let her go. You know it was the only thing you could do, but today that won't help much, I know. Her sisters will miss her too. Big hugs :ymhug: xx
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Robin black mini » 23 Nov 2015, 06:13

I'm so sorry to read your sad news. your story has done so much for these puppy mill dogs she will not be forgotten.

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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by milosark2 » 23 Nov 2015, 08:01

I am so so sorry to learn this terribly sad news of your Susie-Belle x
"No star is ever lost, we once have seen"
Shine on beautiful girl (*)

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Al T
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Al T » 23 Nov 2015, 08:13

Devastated for you....however, if it's any consolation at this heart breaking time; ....you should be so proud of what you've achieved with her & how you completely transformed her life....she probably became Britain's most favourite Schnauzer. Well done you....
Sincerest condolences...
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by jacdales » 23 Nov 2015, 08:46

So sorry to hear your sad news. You know she will be waiting at the Rainbow bridge for you.
Run free little girl.

Tears are natures salve they wash away the pain and let fond memories shine through.

Jackie and the wild bunch

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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Cam2 » 23 Nov 2015, 15:21

So sorry to hear your very sad news, I know there are no words to comfort you at this sad time :(
But take strength from how you were able to give Susie-Belle a loving home, somewhere she could feel safe and loved, so very different to her earlier nightmare life she had endured. She was able to enjoy life and realise that there were kind humans around in this world, and by you sharing her story far and wide her memory will live on.
Run Free Susie-Belle xx
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Donna 9 » 23 Nov 2015, 21:18

Tears are streaming down my face, I can't imagine how you are feeling BeeBee.

Gone but never forgotten :x

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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Dionaea » 23 Nov 2015, 21:48

So,so sorry to hear your sad news. We felt that we really knew Susie-Belle through reading your book. Having recently lost our lovely girl who we had also for only 4 years we understand the pain that you are going through. Deepest sympathy.


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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by BeeBee » 24 Nov 2015, 09:57

Thank you everyone for your really kind comments and messages. I am struggling a lot more than I thought I would, and I'd imagined this would be bad :(

But, I know I will be fine in time. I have Twinkle and Renae to focus my mind on things other than how damn unhappy I feel at the moment. They are making sure there's some kind of normality to our days even though I feel far from normal.

I'll soon be back in the fray, fighting on for all the others who never get to know what Susie-Belle did, that life is there for living, and loving. She taught me a hell of a lot in the 4 years 3 months we had together. I won't waste her lessons.

I've been stunned by the response to her passing on social media, her reach has been truly worldwide, I know many are mourning and that her life has mattered. That puppy farmer never knew what a life and soul they had trapped in that barn. I am taking a lot of comfort from the many messages saying how her life has opened people's eyes to the reality of puppy farming, and, this is really special, that people have adopted, or will adopt in future, dogs needing a home. That is her best legacy.

Thank you again, all our dogs are special, every single one. Some just come into our lives with a particular purpose, and I know what Susie-Belle's was for me.
Jasmine 13.06.96-13.12.10 loved her more than we thought possible
Renae mini b.01.11.10, gorgeous sister to Susie-Belle & Twinkle-Berry puppy farming survivors showing us what matters in life.
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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Merlins Mommy » 24 Nov 2015, 12:39

So sorry to hear your very sad news, Susie Belle had the most wonderful life with you and her legacy will live on

Run free Susie Belle
Merlin (p & s born 25.6.10)

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Re: We've lost Susie-Belle

Post by Lou78 » 24 Nov 2015, 13:27

I am so sorry to hear this Beebee.

You must be so proud of her though, knowing how far she came with your love and care and how inspiring her story has been to others. I must admit it was only through reading your book that i began to understand the true horror of puppy farms. It is this legacy that will live on and you must draw some comfort from that although i know this will be an awful time for you.

Susie-Belle was a very special little girl and just because she is no longer physically here, she will still live on through all the good work you do and in all the memories you and others can share of her. I never met her (or you for that matter) but i feel connected to her through your writing and she has touched me and so many others. I am deeply saddened by the news of her passing but am glad that in some small way she was in my life. :ymhug:

Run free brave, sweet girl.

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