Wee Maisie

Saying goodbye to our Schnauzers is the hardest part. Share your memories here as we bid farewell to our beloved friends. They've crossed the bridge and returned to the meadow in full health and free of injuries. Running free. We won't forget.
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Wee Maisie

Post by Jillybeans » 18 Sep 2017, 16:12

We decided that we had to let our georgeous perfect little girl set off on the great adventure across rainbow bridge on Friday

Maisie was 15yrs and 5months and had never stopped looking like a puppy all her life.
Although David sometimes tormented her (in fun) mercilessly she never once snapped at him or any of our granddaughters.
She was one of Megan's second litter of pups and I spotted her for her big white muzzle / beard as soon as she emerged.
After we lost Megan to a tumour we spotted a poor little rescue dog called Bunty who was about 400 miles away from us in a rescue "barn". We loaded Maisie into the car and drove down to S Wales and back (10 hours in atrocious rain and floods) and took in the new companion for Maisie who we renamed Poppy.
For the next 8 years Poppy and Maisie were inseparable ... always competing for my attention Maisie would literally climb on top of Poppy's head if she got on to my lap first. Having two georgeous little schnauzer girls competing for my attention every minute of the day was so beautiful.
We lost Poppy about a year ago after she took a major stroke. We reckon she was about 15 yrs old so had a good life (post puppy farm)
Maisie grieved terribly for her and became a different dog.
She became much less affectionate and spent most evenings on her own on the settee.
We still had a strong bond of love and affection ... but it just wasn't the same as before.

Over the last year we could see Maisie slowing down and over the last couple of months noticed her back legs giving way quite often. Her toileting became challenging and we had to put doggie mats down on the kitchen floor. She had an "event"just over a week ago .... spinning around on the carpet eventually collapsing and when she did manage to stand had a bad lean over to her right side. Her eyes were also flickering uncontrollably and the vet said it looked like a stroke had occurred which she was unlikely to recover from. David and I suspected the worse and made a promise to each other that we wouldn't let our wee girl die a slow lingering death and that we would decide to let her go when the time was right.

That terrible moment came for us on Friday morning at 11.30.
The decision was taken in conjunction with two vets consultations and right up to the very last second David was asking the vet if we were doing the right thing by her.

The vet came to our house and I cuddled her tight and she slipped away quietly and painlessly seconds after the injection.
David just sat quietly at our side and afterwards I cuddled my wee girl for a couple of hours before I could bear to put her down and wrapped her in her favourite blanket.

The pain in my heart is terrible and I can't stop seeing her beautiful puppy face in my head.
I wish she could have stayed with us a bit longer ...................

Jilly & David
Monty .. P&S mini .. First puppy .. 1983/1999 .. 16 years old
Megan .. P&S mini .. Re homed 1998 .. 1996/2007 .. 11 years old
Poppy .. P&S mini .. Rescued 2008 .. 2001/2016 .. About 15 years old?
Maisie .. P&S mini .. Megan's puppy .. 2002/Sept 2017 .. 15years 5months

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Re: Wee Maisie

Post by schnauzer » 18 Sep 2017, 22:13

Jill my heart goes out to you both as know you will be broken hearted. You were very brave to make the big decision to let your precious girl go over rainbow bridge. Maisie will be running free with my precious Suzi who went there on 13th April. I never got the chance to say goodbye as she went for surgery that the vet hospital were confident about & and she never made it. We were expecting her home. It hurts so so much as I miss her lots she was unique and I cry every day for her just like you will be doing, they leave a huge gap in your life so I know you will be in bits.

We decided to have another this time a boy his name is Gino, he is 19 wks. He'll never replace Suzi but he is easing the pain and he wil be loved & spoiled as he is filling the gap & keeping us busy, this little boy is special as we feel he was meant for us as he is so good

Thinking about you & sending you big hugs xx
Christine & Gino (Siglette Shadow (born 9/5/17 -

Suzi (15/5/04---13/4/17) (Sugarbabe) RIP loved you to the moon & back, miss you so so much precious girl


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Re: Wee Maisie

Post by Barbarauttley » 19 Sep 2017, 12:40

How very sad for you. The last few months must have been really hard and making the decision to let her go is really brave. You gave Maisie and Poppy wonderful happy long lives and they gave you all their love back.
Losing them is the price we have to pay but well worth it.

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Re: Wee Maisie

Post by Robin black mini » 19 Sep 2017, 13:39

I'm sorry for your loss..she sounds like she had such a great life.

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Re: Wee Maisie

Post by kristyg » 27 Sep 2017, 07:20

I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your darling girl. I lost my sweetie, Pip, to cancer at the beginning of 2015. Her littermate, Gidget, seemed so lost as they only knew each other. We welcomed Scout to our family almost two years later and, while I was worried that Gidget was too old, she seems to have a new lease on life. It is however, difficult to see Gidget getting old. She is approaching 13 and suddenly become completely deaf and struggles with arthritis. Like your Maisie, she still has a puppy face.
My heart is breaking for you, reading your post at work and people must wonder why I'm having a few tears. We all understand how important these little souls are to us so feel your pain.
Hope you're OK.
Hugs from Australia.
~ My Girls ~
Pip ~ Salt & Pepper - DOB: 14.02.2005
Gidget ~ Black & Silver - DOB: 14.02.2005

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