Attempted Fraud

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Attempted Fraud

Post by zeta1454 » 16 Apr 2018, 21:52

This is just to let all Forum members know that an attempt has been made via a private message to at least one member to engage them in a fraud, offering money in exchange for registering puppies at the Kennel Club under their dog's name. The person also tried to publicly post a request on the Forum but this was disallowed.

The sender states they have a black miniature schnauzer dog without KC registration which they have used as sire for at least one litter of puppies. As the dog is not registered at the Kennel Club and no health or pedigree history is available, the puppies cannot be KC registered so the owner is hoping to persuade someone else with a KC registered male miniature schnauzer to allow them to use their dog's details to gain registration papers for their puppies.

This would be a criminal offence in any event as a fraud and also shows no concern at all at deceiving any potential owners of the puppies as to health status and pedigree of the sire which could have serious implications for the future of the pups especially if any of those were later to be used for breeding.

I hope no-one else has been approached and that the poster will not return to the Forum under a different name.
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Re: Attempted Fraud

Post by Schnauzer Sam » 17 Apr 2018, 08:03

Thanks for letting us know. It goes without saying that if any of us are approached we must report this immediately to any moderator with details.
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Re: Attempted Fraud

Post by mikegoodson1 » 17 Apr 2018, 11:12

I agree 100% that any such approach would result in it being reported to our moderators....

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