Driffield Show Mini's

If your Schnauzer is Best in Show at the county fair or CRUFTS, share it with all of us. You will find show listings along with results from the various dog shows around the country. You will more than likely spot a few members in the show ring.
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Re: Driffield Show Mini's

Post by Dawnspell » 17 Oct 2013, 20:16

Thanks Leigh, very interesting :-bd He certainly has a presence about him. Great for all us non show people to share in his puppyhood and now show career :))
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Re: Driffield Show Mini's

Post by Firefly » 17 Oct 2013, 20:19

Choosing the right puppy for showing is difficult, but I think that Robert was very sensible to have made it very clear that he wanted a puppy to show when approaching the breeders, and Kate is right to say that a pup that is bred to improve the breed is more likely to do better in the ring. In this health and temperament have to be included!
Although no one can possibly guarantee that a puppy is going to fulfill its potential, for example it could grow too big, 7-8 weeks is widely believed to be the time at which the overall shape of the puppy is a good indicator of the adult dog shape. Very experienced breeders will also say that the time that the newborn pup emerges is similarly a good indicator, but the thrill and stress of helping to deliver the pups is all too much for those who are less experienced. =))
Forum members may well recall watching the litter develop on puppycam, and most were drawn to Creggan because of his beautiful facial markings - and even now I have to say he does have a striking look :ymhug:
But they will also recall how much the litter changed from week to week, and how their personalities emerged. With this litter of 2 boys and 2 girls, there were ways of distinguishing them from day 1.
I know that both Robert and Julie and Kate were very frustrated by having to wait until the pups were 7 weeks old before Robert made his choice, but all's well that ends's well I hope.
I also believe that anyone looking for a puppy needs to walk away from a litter which does not contain their ideal puppy, whether as a show prospect or a family pet (although the reasons for walking will be different e.g. the way it is being raised rather than conformance). It is too easy to be seduced by a puppy.
By 7 weeks, Maverick did conform better to the breed standard. Although Creggan has the most lovely head, I am sure that Kate will forgive me for suggesting that his back was longer than Maverick (only ever so slightly) and Maverick's shoulders were better. Pickiness is everything.
We also sought a second opinion from an experienced breeder/judge and their opinion confirmed ours.
We are very proud of all of our dogs and were convinced that even if Maverick had been a dud rather than a dude, he would have been loved by Robert and Julie.

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Re: Driffield Show Mini's

Post by hula-hoop » 17 Oct 2013, 21:02

Thanks for sharing this with us, very interesting for us novices :D
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