Required height for dog when showing in the dog ring

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Required height for dog when showing in the dog ring

Post by Bracken 01 » 04 Dec 2014, 14:28

Hi could anybody tell me what is the tallest a mini Schnauzer dog can be too show, and when does a pup stop growing.
Bracken is 7months, I find it hard to get a correct measurement for him he is between 14 and 15inches I think.
His Dad is 14 high and Mum 12inches so he looks like he could be bigger.

I was told by the Breeder pups stop growing at 9months. So what height should I expect. :-??

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Re: Required height for dog when showing in the dog ring

Post by zeta1454 » 04 Dec 2014, 15:22

The recommended height for a male mini schnauzer in the Breed Standard is 14" in the UK. That is 14" to the withers ( approx. to the shoulders ). Mini schnauzers are not a breed that is actually measured in the show ring so a small deviation will probably not be noticeable and much may depend on the size of the other dogs in the class as to whether one would stand out as being much too big or too small. Size alone is also not the most significant aspect looked for unless it is dramatically out of the standard - there is a whole complex of different points which a judge will be looking for and height is only one of these.

It is rare for a dog to be smaller than his mother but size can be unpredictable and even breeding from two correctly sized parents according to the breed standard can at times result in a smaller or larger than average puppy. From the measurement you have given for Bracken's parents he should be within the standard but it can take up to a year for some pups to achieve their height so probably a bit soon yet to tell.

If you are interested in showing Bracken you may find these links helpful: ... px?id=4096" onclick=";return false; ... standards/" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Required height for dog when showing in the dog ring

Post by Maty » 04 Dec 2014, 18:36

Rodders stopped grown upwards at 7 month, Creggan was nearer to 9 months so even that isn't an exact science ;)

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Re: Required height for dog when showing in the dog ring

Post by lj_thorne » 05 Dec 2014, 02:50

I sometimes wonder when Albert did stop growing... I kinda missed it as I expected him to be taller =)) I forget how tall Barnaby is Albert stands next to him!!!
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Re: Required height for dog when showing in the dog ring

Post by summer46 » 05 Dec 2014, 11:58

A good way to tell if your dog still has a bit of growing to do is to feel if the growth plates are closing. If you feel down the front legs where it bends above the paws a dog which is still growing it will feel knobbly a dog finished growing it will feel smooth.
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