Diabetic with Bladder stones?

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Diabetic with Bladder stones?

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Hi all
We have an 11 year old mini that is diabetic and has had bladder stones surgically removed a year ago which have now come back the vet wants to operate again does anyone know of anymore treatments that can get rid of them?
Many thanks

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Re: Diabetic with Bladder stones?

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Sorry to hear about your mini’s health issues. I would be concerned about surgery for an 11 year old dog unless there were no other options - has your vet not given any other advice re this?

Generally speaking, diabetes in dogs as in humans is often related to diet and a highly processed diet high in carbohydrates / sugars can trigger this illness and the stones that are formed are a side issue linked to this. A raw diet can be helpful and, as regards the bladder stones, cranberry extract specifically designed for dogs may help. Stones that are too large to be passed out unaided tend to form when there is an underlying bladder infection so probiotics will also be helpful.

There are a few links below that may give you some helpful information:

https://cranimals.com/blogs/dogs/urinar ... ite-stones

https://www.naturalpetcare.vet/natural- ... ts/purine/


https://www.dorwest.com/product/green-r ... -and-cats/
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