Advice on getting two puppies, please

The Miniature Schnauzer is a smallest dog in the Schnauzer breed and originated in the mid-to-late 19th Century from Germany. The Miniature Schnauzer is a cross between the Standard Schnauzer and other smaller breeds such as the Poodle. A miniature Schnauzer is a spunky, but aloof dog who does things their own way. They tend to be good guard dogs without the tendency to bite.
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Advice on getting two puppies, please

Post by RafflesDad » 12 Jul 2018, 17:01

Hello all, I’m an new forum member and I’m keen to hear opinions on our next canine investment (well, indulgence I suppose). We are a retired couple in our mid sixties and we have owned Miniature Schnauzers for the past 20 years. Our last one pass away about eight months ago, and we now feel it is time to re-enrol into to the Schnauzers owners club. We would like to get two animals and my questions are as follows:

Should we get both at the same time, or get one, let it settle in, and then get the other?
If we get them at the same time should we get two from the same litter? Are there advantages or disadvantages?
We are inclined to get two boys (this is what we had previously, and both were neutered). I’m happy to consider two girls or one of each. Any consideration that we should be aware of? We don’t want to breed from them so they will be neutered.

I look forward to hearing any comments for you experienced owners.

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Re: Advice on getting two puppies, please

Post by zeta1454 » 12 Jul 2018, 18:13

Hello Jeremy and welcome to the Forum :-)

Great to hear that you are looking to add another schnauzer or two to your family.
I would absolutely say do not get two at the same time whether littermates or not. You will be more than doubling the work, need to train each one individually and risk the pups bonding with each other more than with you and your partner. The best advice would be to wait at least a year until you have a settled trained young dog who can be a role model to its new brother or sister when you introduce the second.

It would be extremely rare for a reputable breeder to let 2 puppies go at the same time in any event and you do need to prioritise finding a first class breeder so that you know you are getting a happy, healthy well raised puppy. If all goes well and you establish a good relationship with the breeder, you may be able to get your second puppy from the same breeder a year or two later - maybe even a puppy with the same parentage.

There are some links here re getting sibling pups which outline some of the issues: ... pies.shtml ... 190-1.html
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Re: Advice on getting two puppies, please

Post by Oscar 12345 » 12 Jul 2018, 19:02

Hi Jeremy

Fantastic that you are having a schnauzer again. I would say that after 15 years of having a schnauzer, I had forgotten just how tough and time consuming having a puppy is. I don't work any more and therefore thought it would be plain sailing but still found it incredibly tough. One at a time I would recommend so you can give your full attention to one and that one can help you train the other one when you are ready.
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Re: Advice on getting two puppies, please

Post by RafflesDad » 13 Jul 2018, 11:06

Thanks for the feedback. Last time around we got one, settled him in and got another about three years later. That worked very well, and from what's been suggested, is the route we will follow again. The groomer we used shows Schnauzers (last count she had five!) and is well placed to advise us on local breeders, so hopefully there will be no problem there.

Thanks again for the input.

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Re: Advice on getting two puppies, please

Post by mikegoodson1 » 13 Jul 2018, 11:08

Hi Jeremy,

From someone who has two Mini Schnauzers, I would highly recommend having one on their own first, for a year or two before adding another.

It's a personal choice but we really loved having Oscar on his own, training him, playing with him, bonding with him and him with us too! He has grown into a beautiful dog and so when we introduced a sister (Sasha came from the same breeder and she has the same parentage as Oscar, from a litter 2 years later), it was a relatively easy integration.

As Oscar was already obedient (well, as much as a Schnauzer can be) it meant Sasha picked up things a lot quicker than Oscar did (when bless him he had to understand 'human'), as she copied him. *She still retains a strong independent personality!

It is tough with a puppy and the thought of going through that with two at the same time is daunting. I promise you, Oscar and Sasha bonded within a few days (she just followed him around after the first day and I think wore him down) and now they are inseparable.

Obviously it's your decision and I can see why you would want to get two in together.

Good luck with whatever you decide but do please keep us all posted :)


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Re: Advice on getting two puppies, please

Post by Robin black mini » 13 Jul 2018, 12:51

I also would not recommended two litter mates coming home together..
I've always had two dogs together,but they have been two to three years apart in age...
The older dog is trained by the time you bring I the pups have always followed the established dog outside to toilet...housebreaking has been a breeze..
When I groom,the pup is in the grooming room getting used to drier noises,etc and takes to the routine with aplomb.
The young pup always has a steady dog to follow..but will bond to you better than having two siblings together.
When the older dog passes you still have the younger dog...if you have siblings the aging process can come as a huge burden when you have double vet bills,aging issues etc all coming in duplicate..
Two years will pass in a flash and you can go back to breeder if you are happy with the pup you chose...if not,you can re- assess breeders..imagine if you bought two from the same litter and realized the breeder was not what you imagined....
Be sure to buy from health tested parents...pra ( eye test) patella luxation free.....and the pup should be cleared for hereditary cataract, microchipped and probably with first vaccination.
Good luck!

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Re: Advice on getting two puppies, please

Post by schnauzer » 14 Jul 2018, 16:50

Hi Jeremy welcome to the forum so you've had Schnauzers before. We are also retired now, we got our Suzi before we retired but sadly lost her last year she was nearly 13. We weren't sure if we wanted to start all over again with a new puppy since we weren't getting any younger but felt it was meant to be when Suz's groomer who was a Breeder & Judge of the breed told us, She had a friend who was a breeder & her MS was having a litter that were due very soon. Didn't commit to taking one but when there was only 1 girl & 5 boys born 3 weeks later The decision was made for us as we were missing Suzi so much. We decided we'd take a boy, we got the pick from the boys, this wee boy was dry all night from his first night home with us. He was so easy to house train hard work but worth it in the end this wee boy sure helped ease the heart break that I was going through. He will never replace Suzi but given me something to live for again as they make you laugh every day !!

It is hard work at our age getting a new puppy but would suggest you only have one to start then if you still want two then see how you feel later. Enjoy, !! our Gino is now 14 mths & been so good compared to our Suzi when she was a puppy, we couldn't have wished for better but they are not all as good we've been lucky certainly have another but just one.

Good luck in your decision whatever you do
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