Bed for dog

Found a nice dog coat? Found a cozy pub that's Schnauzer friendly or even a Schnauzer friendly B&B. Feel free to share it here. Basically anything that we would want to buy for our Schnauzer goes here.
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Bed for dog

Post by Kahanar »

Hi community, looking for a good bed for my Miniature Schnauzer puppy, can you share your experience? Thanks.

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Re: Bed for dog

Post by Dawnspell »

My experience is a dog bed becomes a toy storage area and the dog prefers to sleep anywhere but the bed =))
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Re: Bed for dog

Post by zeta1454 »

Our mini schnauzer, Magic loved a fleece ‘doughnut’ type bed as a puppy and used it until it fell apart a year or so back (she is 10 years old now and still loves this kind of snuggle bed). It can be comforting to a puppy to have a soft bed like a nest that they can feel safe in but it does depend on the pup. We have had one or two pups in the past that preferred to sleep on a flat rug type bed too! I would recommend though getting a bed that can be washed regularly or that has a cover that can be washed :)

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Re: Bed for dog

Post by Oscar 12345 »

Otto hates fluffy beds, prefers to lie on the carpet or rug in the evening and I have a tempur mattress type bed with high sides that is quite firm which he sometimes likes but he prefers to lie on the floor. Oscar though loved a fluffy doughnut bed and would curl up in a tight ball in it.
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Re: Bed for dog

Post by jacdales »

My team love their doughnut beds but Suzi has also stolen Mahri's memory foam bed and refused to let Mahri have it back Mahri bless her is 14+ and she just went back to the kitchen where she has another memory foam bed.

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