So sad - I think it's time

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Claire Farrington
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by Claire Farrington » 29 Jul 2014, 07:54

Run free Sophie :ymhug: :ymhug: :ymhug:
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Al T
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by Al T » 29 Jul 2014, 08:12

RIP Sohie
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by Champ629 » 29 Jul 2014, 08:25

So sorry to read your sad news :(

Thinking of you.

Run free in the sunshine Sophie xxx
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by GaryThomlinson » 29 Jul 2014, 09:03

So sorry to hear this. I'm sure she's looking down on you waiting to see you again. X

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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by BeeBee » 29 Jul 2014, 13:17

So terribly sad, it's the hardest thing we go through with our pets, it really is awful :ymhug: :ymhug:
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by patty1 » 29 Jul 2014, 15:29

So very sad I am writing this with a huge lump in my throat having recently gone through the same thing. I have decided to have another dog very soon as my house is not a home without one. I shared 15 years with my beloved westie Rosie she was everything to me and my husband and was quite a character, we can't face having another westie as it would be like trying to replace her and that can never be. The love and enjoyment we got from her was immense and it is a tribute to her that we are going to have another dog and we have chosen to have a mini schnauzer. Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.

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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by schnauzer » 29 Jul 2014, 18:36

Thinking about you at this sad time. It's heartbreaking I dread the day. Sending hugs to you all x x
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Love Them
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by Love Them » 02 Oct 2014, 06:24

I feel your incredible pain…we had the to make the same heartbreaking decision a few days before our beloved Molly turned 14, in Sep last year 2014..we did not hesitate in our decision, as we were dedicated to her well being, without any suffering, 110%
Our vet was amazing and as we were grieving in the days and weeks and months after her passing our vet would kindly reassure us that we had absolutely done the most honourable and respectful thing we could have for our girl..
Making that decision is unbearable but sending them off to Rainbow Bridge with love, respect and clarity about not letting them suffer is about the only gift left to give them at that awful traumatic stage.
I still miss Molly - she was a very special dog and was our second Mini girl…with our Priscilla passing away in 2006…..heartbreaking yet again…
We decided we would not get another dog as losing them is pain that you cannot describe…but as the planets aligned for us….a beautiful rescue dog fell into our arms some 6 weeks ago…Bridie Estelle Ferguson is a wonderful and energetic two yr old Mini Salt and Pepper girl, and once again balance has been restored to our lives with the pure joy of a four legged family member…
She will never replace our other girls but she is now the most wonderful addition to our household and we could not be more overjoyed.
Such individuals and so special in their own ways…bliss…
Good luck and my heartfelt thoughts are with you x

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Ro Peach
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by Ro Peach » 02 Oct 2014, 10:18

Thank you Denise. Your post cheered me to hear you have adopted a lovely new mini. My OH and I are currently in Greece for 6 weeks as we knew it would be good for us to get away for a while. As you can see though I am still addicted to the forum and interested in all things schnauzer. We used to bring Sophie here and she was quite a celebrity on the Island. They had never see a schnauzer before and everyone has been asking after her. I think it is good that I can remember all the fun times now without feeling so terribly sad.
I think when we get back to the UK I will be looking at all the re homing sites. Maybe the planets will align themselves for us too. For now I am enjoying the sunshine and temperatures of 26 degrees with a cool breeze. Life is not so bad after all. :)
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by Morgana99 » 02 Oct 2014, 20:16

Ah & I bet you are having some Sophie moments too, especially being somewhere you had such special times with her. It's good to remember and keep them close to your heart, although it isn't easy in the early days. We had relatives staying with us at the weekend who regularly used to look after our rescue terrier Monty for us. Of course, memories of Monty were shared and they were mostly happy ones. The pain of losing our special ones is unbearable, but for me, the privilege and pleasure of knowing & loving them all means I can't envisage being without at least one :x .

Lovely to hear how fate intervened for Denise too, as it so often does. Bridie sounds a little treasure :ymhug:
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Re: So sad - I think it's time

Post by katewallis » 26 Mar 2015, 21:27

I'm so sorry to read your post. It looks like the time has come.My old girl has taken me to the vet twice for the Final injection, happily, she romps on, at 18. The day will come, for Maisie and me, and I want to be kind.Lots of love to you in the see-ing off of your best mate. XX

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