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Post by Hannah » 15 Jun 2020, 21:15

The 5 year old mini schnauzer I rescued 8 months ago has always displayed some anxiety in the evening. She gets restless moving from place to place in the living room and sometimes pants. The last couple of nights when she goes with us to bed(she sleeps in bed with us) she not only pants, but growls as if she hears something but there aren't any unusual sounds in our neighborhood. Last nite she carried on for a good part of the nite and nothing we did calmed her. Anybody else have these issues or suggestions of what we can try? We tried talking to her, telling her No, putting her down in her doggie bed in our room, petting her, putting on her collar. Nothing worked.

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Re: Anxiety

Post by zeta1454 » 16 Jun 2020, 13:39

Hi Karen

I remember you saying that your little rescue mini was very anxious from the outset and suffered separation fears. It is always hard when you don't know a dog's history to pinpoint just where the fear stems from. If it has always been evening / night time that is the worst time, there may be some association with that time from the past which is deep seated and scares her.

It is possible that she has heard something on recent nights which you are unaware of (dogs have an acute sense of hearing and fine tuned to sounds that have a meaning good or bad for them as individuals). It might be better not to try lots of different things which may unsettle her more as she may not know what or why she is being moved etc. even though it is with the best intentions.

In terms of trying to work out what is affecting her, a behaviourist might be the best solution although whether a consultation would be possible at this time I don't know. You could also try a homeopathic vet who would carry out a full assessment before suggesting a remedy which may help your little one specifically.

There is always the possibility that she is in some sort of discomfort / pain as evening and night is often a bad time for anyone suffering pain - human or canine. Has she been checked over by a vet / chiropractor for any arthritic / spinal issue which may be affecting her? Dogs do pant and vocalise when they are in pain too.

I am throwing out ideas here which come to mind as possibilities. There are obviously physical things you can try which have worked to calm anxious dogs from Thundershirts to DAP diffusers or tablets / liquid herbal supplements which have a calming effect or CBD oil. However, it may be better to try and discover the cause of her anxiety at night first. ... -and-cats/ ... gIvo_D_BwE ... il-c-837_2
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