How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

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How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by Oscar 12345 »

Otto sleeps in the kitchen/diner. When I come down in the morning he is where I left him either in his bed or on his mat. He stands peeping at me behind the kitchen island or sometimes under the dining table. I open the door and he doesn't move, I walk over to him, hardly a wag and then he stretches by putting his front legs on me, he gets a rub on the belly and that is my greeting. I have come to the conclusion that Otto is not a morning schnauzer although I do remember those halcyon puppy days of him in his crate jumping up and down frantically with tail going ten to the dozen waiting to be let out. :D
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Re: How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by mikegoodson1 »

Oscar and Sasha sleep with us now in our room, on our bed (mostly) and so some mornings you are greeted with either one of them on your chest wanting attention or licking your nose/hand/foot or snuggling into you for a cuddle.

Saying all that, I have such fond memories of Oscar when he was a puppy. Back then, he slept downstairs on his own in the kitchen/utility room (gated off), he would usually stir around 5 or 5.30am (this was when he was between 8 weeks and 5 months old) and cry a little, I would go downstairs into the kitchen, sit on the floor and he would come and sit on my lap for cuddles and a stroke/love/attention - it was magical. We would sit like that for around 20 minutes or so until he would give out a big stretch and I would take him into the garden for his morning business, before back inside for his breakfast then playtime :)

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Re: How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by Schnauzer Sam »

Rosie and Edie sleep at the bottom of our bed but when my alarm goes off I usually find Edie lying between my wife and me with her head on my pillow and Rosie lying on my pillow between my head and the headboard.

I'm obviously part of the pack :))

As soon as I reach to turn my alarm off, Edie will lie on top of me so that (a) she gets a tummy scratch and (b) she attempts to stop Rosie from getting a tummy scratch
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Re: How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by jacdales »

Hamish Suzi and Airedale Mahri sleep in the kitchen. Mahri starts a whale song at 7.00am and Suzi joins in with a high pitched bark every now and them. When I walk in the room team schnauzer go mad squealing bouncing running in circles and pouncing on me It's a very noisy and energetic wake up call lol

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Re: How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by schnauzer »

Gino sleeps in our room in his crate his choice. If I'm up first & let him out he licks my feet & then goes up on the bed to have a cuddle with George while I go for my shower, when I head downstairs he immediately follows me snuggles in his bed while I dry my hair then comes looking for his breakfast.
If George lets him out of his crate he immediately jumps up on me & licks my face, this morning his face was so close to me I could hardly breath it was lovely. Then he cuddled in till I went for my shower. Gino is quite laid back & is not vocal, my last girl was the same. Guess I must be doing something right
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Re: How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by Lou78 »

Ollie is definitely not a morning dog! He snoozes on the bed then when my husband gets up for work he goes downstairs with him at about 5.40am. By the time i go down, at about 7am he is firmly planted on the sofa, back asleep! I have to coax him off with treats to get him out for a wee! After much stretching and yoga poses he goes out for a potter about the garden and a wee. He doesn't really bark in a morning unless the dog next door is out at the same time as him!

Then he is back in for more treats and tickles and back on the sofa by the time i leave for work. At weekend he happily sleeps in until we get up. He has always been like this so think he must have always been quite snoozy. Once he is awake he is energetic and raring to go but he doesn't "come round" until about 10am. We didn't have him as a young pup so i often wonder what he would have been like! I remember when we first got him, at weekend I used to get up dead early with him thinking he would want to get up and he used to just look at me like i had gone mad!

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Re: How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by Meger7 »

Buzz puts his nose right on mine if he thinks I'm awake. Just lovely. It was quiet scary at first! Waking up face to face with a schnauzer. Lol Now I've grown used to it.

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Re: How does your schnauzer greet you in the morning?

Post by Gemwah »

Remy sleeps on her bed on our bedroom floor. She wakes up and usually does a loud yawn and a stretch before putting her paws on the side of a bed for a head scratch. She’ll then settle down back on her bed until we get up.

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