Beginners Agility - New joint hobby for me and Phoebe

Our Schnauzers love to be active. Have a look which activity will suit your dog. There is everything from Agility, flyball, Rally-O, Cani-X to Schutzhund.
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Beginners Agility - New joint hobby for me and Phoebe

Post by JT+Phoebe »

Last week I took Phoebe to agility training for the first time. I went round the course with her on the lead. She took to it quite well. Our second week we found Phoebe was keen and much quicker than me so tried her off lead, the first time really I had let her off (the training is indoors and secure) and she was fantastic... She didn't leave me as we made our round the course and only missed a couple of the jumps.
I am very proud of her to have done this well in such a short space of time.
Not forgetting how fun agility is. I thoroughly enjoy it especially seeing other dogs doing so well too.
Only downside is that Phoebe is the only schnauzer so no one really understands her high pitched communication to the other dogs...Oh well we can't help having a sociable girl.

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Re: Beginners Agility - New joint hobby for me and Phoebe

Post by Barbarauttley »

IT sounds as though you both had a lot of fun. What a clever girl she is. Schnauzers seem very quick at picking things up and as to the bark, well it just tells everyone how exuberant they are and like to be noticed!

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