What is Rally-O

Our Schnauzers love to be active. Have a look which activity will suit your dog. There is everything from Agility, flyball, Rally-O, Cani-X to Schutzhund.
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What is Rally-O

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I have a dog trainer who is massively into this rapidly growing dog sport so here is some information for you to read through and learn about it:
here is a little video from Youtube

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Re: What is Rally-O

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There's a couple of organisations running this sort of thing. We occasionally take part in Talking Dogs Rally. There's more about it at http://www.talkingdogsrally.co.uk/Talki ... lcome.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

We're not at all serious about it but have a good time. It seems to be the sort of thing that you can take as far as you want.

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