Travelling into Europe after BREXIT

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Travelling into Europe after BREXIT

Post by Dinkum » 17 Nov 2018, 13:57

As you are aware Brexit is fast approaching and this has created uncertainty as to where the country stands in relation to pet travel to Europe. We have received many communications from the ministry and there are three possible outcomes:
  1. The UK becomes a PART 1 listed country. There would be no change to the current health travel arrangements and minor changes only to documentation.
  2. The UK becomes a PART 2 listed country. There would be some new requirements. We would have to issue a Model Health Certificate (MHC) confirming the pet was appropriately identified and vaccinated against rabies and 21 days have elapsed since the date of vaccination. This is different from the current EU passport. It is valid for 10 days after issue for entry into the EU and for four months of onward travel within the EU. An MHC would have to be issued for each trip to the EU.
  3. The UK becomes an UNLISTED third country. This is the worst case scenario and involves the most work.
If the UK became an UNLISTED third country, we would have to:
  1. Ensure the animal is vaccinated against rabies
  2. Prove the animal is immune with a blood test (ideally 30 days after vaccination)
  3. Animals must wait at least 3 months from date of blood collection before travel is allowed
  4. An MHC (see above) can then be issued.
We therefore advise pet owners to start health preparations at least FOUR months before they intend to travel i.e. the end of November if they wish to travel at the end of March.

We obviously hope that the UK becomes a Part 1 listed country but to ensure for all eventualities we have written to you in plenty of time so that arrangements can be made if necessary.

This information was contained in a letter I received from our vet this morning.

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