Fatty Lumps

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Fatty Lumps

Post by lilyandarchie »

Hello all,

My mini schnauzer Lily is 1.5yo,

After she got spayed we noticed that she had a few lumps growing in different areas of her body but mostly on both side of her body and some in her chest.
We took her to the vet where they took a sample and did biopsies to rule some more serious issues out.

It turns out that they were just 'fatty lumps' and all her organs and blood were checked and she is in perfect health.
She was then put on some steroids which made the lumps disappear and then she was off the meds.

After a few months we noticed that some of the lumps were growing again and some even got bigger.
In another visit to the vet they put her back on steroids and now the lumps have gone again.

I am just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience with their Schnauzer or if anyone has any idea what could be causing it.
The vet says that there's no apparent reason why it is happening.

From reading a few websites I thought perhaps it could be her food/diet - We feed them Origen since she was a puppy which is meant to be a good one.
She's an active dog, I take her for walks daily.
We are considering to change her to a low fat diet.
Anyway, just thought I would try and reach out to see if anyone else has gone through something similar.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Fatty Lumps

Post by zeta1454 »

Hello and welcome to the Forum :)

I have no experience with having a dog suffering fatty lumps ( and that is in 15 dogs over 20+ years) although they are regarded as a relatively common issue generally in dogs and I have seen an article where miniature schnauzers were mentioned as one of the breeds having a higher occurrence of these. It is most common in larger breed dogs such as labradors and often in older dogs that are overweight although this is more due to excess calorie intake than just fat in the diet.

Our dogs are raw fed, minimally vaccinated and have no regular pharmaceutical parasite treatments. Most have been neutered but this was in most cases in maturity (5+ years old) and none were neutered under a year of age. However, as the condition seems to be baffling veterinarians, I couldn’t say for certain whether this has had any bearing on our dogs remaining clear of fatty lumps.

Lily is certainly very young to be getting these as I understand from reading about lipomas that they usually affect middle aged to elderly dogs. It is reassuring that tests have shown Lily to be in perfect health and that the lumps are not serious but I can understand your concern.

Personally I would be reluctant to keep using steroids to reduce the lumps as these can cause side effects themselves. There is a link here which has some more information that may be useful:

https://www.whole-dog-journal.com/healt ... e-lipomas/

As regards trying herbs or essential oils, I would be careful not to experiment unless you can find a veterinary holistic practitioner who can help or, as with homeopathy, a vet who can take a full history of Lily before prescribing. As regards the suggestion of turmeric in particular this can be found in supplements specifically formulated for dogs and Dorwest Herbs, who do stock a turmeric supplement, among other licensed veterinary herbal products, are very helpful if you contact them for advice too.


Hopefully someone with experience of having a dog with this condition will be able to give you more relevant information too :)
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