Puppy Biting help

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Puppy Biting help

Post by RoseHunter »

Ok, I need help here.

As some may know I recently got an adorable little girl called Leyna who is a standard Schnauzer

What I need help with is the biting and 'hair pulling' I have long hair and she constantly goes for it, also I'm the only one she play bites (won't bite my parents), any advice on how to at least reduce how much or how hard she bites as me saying 'ow' doesn't seem to get the message across. I've tried redircting and that partly worked but she still goes to bite my arms and hands and hair.

I will say I'm also the only one she'll cuddle it seems as none of my parents get cuddles from her but she'll actively seek me out for a cuddle.

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Re: Puppy Biting help

Post by oldie »

Hello Rose :-) for biting and pulling hair Leyna needs to learn it will not bring the reward of attention/play . When Layna displays this behavior stand up/fold your arms across your chest/ turn away from her /no word no eye contact then the moment she is calm reward with calm praise so that she learns being calm brings the reward of attention .
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Re: Puppy Biting help

Post by Dawnspell »

Jasper has always been very mouthy, he still is. Those puppy teeth are sharp we were all covered in scratches from him. The standing still like a tree didnt really work with him he would still carry on biting your feet :)) I'd forgotten how much until I came to start wearing my summer trainer liner socks and they've all got little holes in from last summer =))

When he was in that mode I found offering a sturdy chew like a pizzle or calf hoof that I could hold helped. It would get him still and he would hang on to it if I started walking and would ignore the feet. As for hair just try and keep it out of reach. There have been many owners that have got a 2nd schnauzer pup and the 1st has almost ended up beardless due to puppy tugging.

Jasper always has to have something in his mouth, he'll go to sleep with a toy in his mouth and gets hold of your hand in his mouth and sort of sucks on it and for some reason he likes his canine teeth being held :-o
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