Desperately Seeking a Standard

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Desperately Seeking a Standard

Post by jotttgt »

Hello, I know it is unlikely but I am trying to find a female Standard Puppy. I live in the North East but am happy to travel. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Desperately Seeking a Standard

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Jo and welcome to the Forum :)

Standard schnauzers are relatively rare in the UK with few puppies registered each year and this year in particular has seen even fewer pups of all breeds being bred by responsible breeders due to the abnormal conditions of lockdown and restrictions on movement / household visits etc.

Currently the Kennel Club website is undergoing maintenance and updating and is unlikely to be able to be searched for Assured Breeders in particular and as there are no dog shows currently where you might have had an opportunity to meet breeders and see their dogs, my advice would be to contact the breed clubs for possible lists of breeders as a starting point. Do not compromise though on the welfare and breeding standards of any breeder you contact. You are still going to need to visit the home, meet the dogs and see the pups with their mother and do not part with any money until you have done so. There are plenty of posts and topics on what to look for from a breeder on the Forum if you check out the Breeding and Puppy sections.

The links for the schnauzer breed clubs are below: ... g-a-puppy/ ... eeders.pdf

Good luck with your search but do be prepared to wait for a puppy from a responsible caring breeder and to check them out thoroughly beforehand. There are plenty of dealers in puppy farmed dogs making a profit currently from selling to desperate puppy seekers of all and any breed, as well as scams to persuade people to part with money for non-existent pups.
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