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Verm X or similar worming product for puppy?

Posted: 29 Oct 2019, 13:41
by Seasideschnauzers
Hi All,
I’ve been avidly reading this forum for the past two years since we got our first mini schnauzer. I’ve learnt loads - especially from the wise words of Zeta1454 and her knowledge in particular has given me confidence in continuing with the healthy and holistic way of caring for my mini, which I had begun many years ago with our previous dog, a feisty patterdale cross!
We are now lucky enough to have a new 11 week old mini schnauzer and I’m keen to use as few Pharmaceutical chemicals as possible.
She was wormed by her breeder using Panacur (3 weeks) Drontal(5 weeks) Panacur (8 weeks).

I’m keen to start her on Verm X so last week used a test for both general and lungworms and both came back clear which was great news.

I’m keen to start her on Verm X ASAP who I use for our current mini but don’t know whether I should continue with pharmaceutical wormers for a while? Could she still be harbouring maternal worms?

Both the breeder and vet are suggesting I continue with pharmaceutical wormers till at least 6 months od.

She will only be allowed on the patio until she is a few months older as I know how keen minis are to put Everything in their mouths! And we check the patio each morning to ensure it is clean.

Verm X has worked well for our current mini as has Billy No mates which I will be using on our puppy once she is 16 weeks old.

I’m seeing the vet this week for her final vaccination so want to be as informed as possible. Many thanks.

Re: Verm X or similar worming product for puppy?

Posted: 29 Oct 2019, 13:58
by zeta1454
Hi Jules :)
I am glad that I have been able to help support you in using a more holistic way of caring for your dogs and avoiding pharmaceuticals when not needed.

Speaking from my own experience with our puppies and dogs, we have not used pharmaceutical worming treatments after 8 weeks of age, if they have a clear faecal test result. Periodic Wormcounts have always been clear subsequently so we have never used them later with any of our dogs. We currently have 11 ranging in age from 18 months to 11 years old - all raw fed with a Dorwest Herbs Garlic & Fenugreek tablet daily.

Looking at the VermX website they say that it can be used with puppies from 3 months of age with twice yearly Wormcount tests to confirm no problems. We have had faecal tests done on the mother's of our pups in the past too and they came back clear :)

I would just add too that recent research has found that worms are not all bad anyway!

"The rat tapeworm has been used in the laboratory for decades and blocks experimentally induced colitis in mice more effectively than daily immunosuppression with steroids. In fact, this is the same helminth we use in my lab to protect the developing brains of rat pups from inflammation." ... -you-49868

Re: Verm X or similar worming product for puppy?

Posted: 29 Oct 2019, 16:49
by Seasideschnauzers
Thank you so much. I’ll look into the Dorwest tablets too. Can puppies have them?
I use Billy No Mates and apple cider vinegar for fleas and mites on my two year old mini so do you think the Dorwest garlic and fenugreek would be compatible with them?

Your advice and experience has proved invaluable to a newish schnauzer owner such as myself and I always recommend this forum to anyone who admires my dog and expresses any interest in having a schnauzer.

Re: Verm X or similar worming product for puppy?

Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 15:46
by zeta1454
Re the Dorwest Herbs tablets, they are suitable from 8 weeks of age although the weight stated is from 5kg. Having said that, I do give one daily to our affens (as well as our mini schnauzers) who are between 4kg and 5kg and no problems at all. They do also say on the Dorwest website that they can be safely used alongside other herbal treatments. If you did want to try them you could also contact Dorwest to get their professional advice as they are very friendly and helpful.

From speaking to other dog breeders with many years experience behind them, the issue of worm infestations in puppies does seem to be something that is rarely seen nowadays in litters bred with love and care and good welfare of the mother, and many of the breeders we know have not had issues with needing to worm puppies beyond 8-12 weeks of age. Much depends on where a puppy has been raised and the welfare of parent dogs (especially the mother) where parasites are concerned. When dogs are poorly bred in dirty conditions with little concern for good nutrition or general welfare, then fleas, worms and diseases are far more likely to take hold in a vulnerable puppy. If the breeding environment is good, the mother well cared for and fed quality food, etc...puppies will likely be strong, with good developing immune systems, and far better able to resist parasites and infections of all kinds. That is not to say that they don't need support to strengthen their immune system against disease / parasitic infection but that there is a significant difference between puppies vulnerability if they have had the worst kind of start in life compared to those who have had the best. Vets who see large numbers of poorly bred pups can get a skewed view of the risks of worms / fleas / disease which will affect their advice. Also, some breeders are (understandably perhaps) over anxious about the welfare of their puppies in their new homes and, especially if they are unfamiliar with using herbal or similar alternatives to pharmaceuticals, prefer to err on the side of caution and encourage their new puppy family to use conventional treatments.