help with dog food

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help with dog food

Post by flyingbean »

i have 13yo and he is allergy to chicken. i need help on recommendation. currently wellness for senior is not working. thanks!

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Re: help with dog food

Post by zeta1454 »

Hello Aileen and welcome to the Forum :-)

Elderly dogs need higher levels of easily digestible protein than younger dogs as their digestion overall is less efficient. Have you thought of home cooking food for him - you could use fish or turkey meat if he is allergic to chicken. I believe the Wellness senior formulas do include chicken in them so this may be the reason why he is not doing well on it. If you do home cook meat or fish you would need to add some probiotics such as Yudigest and joint supplements such as Yumove as your dog is in his senior years and blend in a small amount of green vegetables.

If you are looking for a dried food specifically however, you could try Simpsons 80/20 Mixed Fish which has reasonable protein levels, no grains and contains nutrients to support digestion and movement and has no chicken:

There is some more general information on looking after a senior dog on this link too:

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