oops sorry for duplications.... Admin??

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oops sorry for duplications.... Admin??

Post by Oscar 12345 »

Finger trouble :)
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we also need a schnauzer.

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Re: oops sorry for duplications.... Admin??

Post by zeta1454 »

Sorted :-)
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Re: oops sorry for duplications.... Admin??

Post by Neen70 »

Hi, I know this sounds crazy, but I cannot find how to start a new post? :(( many thanks in advance!

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Re: oops sorry for duplications.... Admin??

Post by Dinkum »

Check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


You'll find it on the top of every page.
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Re: oops sorry for duplications.... Admin??

Post by mikegoodson1 »

Alternatively.....navigate to the forum homepage: index.php

then click on the section that you want to post in > select "New topic" are per below screengrab:


type your message and insert any images or smilies you want, once complete and ready to post you can click on 'preview' to see what it looks like (at this point you can still make changes to your post), then when you are ready to rock 'n' roll, click on submit.

Once submitted, if you want to edit your post click on the pencil icon (the first one below) or if you want to delete your post, click on the 'x' icon. The third icon reports the post to the administrators (I'm guessing) and the last icon allows you to reply to a message with their text.


Good luck :-bd

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