Find a missing dog

If you have lost your Schnauzer or have found one, then please post here. Our members will cross post to Facebook and various other sites to help reunite Schnauzer and owner.
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Find a missing dog

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Losing a dog is probably every dog owners worst nightmare. We will try and help you be reunited with your beloved dog, if we can. Many of our members are also on Facebook and Twitter and are very happy to cross post any information that you may have on your dog. We'll help get the information out there and help in your search.

If your dog does go missing, then there are a few things you can do to help find them.

Firstly, contact the company that provided the microchip (assuming your pet is microchipped), The biggest one is Petlog, run by the Kennel Club. Mark your dog as lost and they generally send out alerts to local vets and other parties. Make sure you keep your pet's details up to date.

Secondly, contact your vet and ALL other vets if you dog went missing close to home. If away from home, it may be a good idea to visit ALL the vets in the area, in case someone comes in with your dog or your dog is dropped off, if injured. Someone may even bring your dog in to have it scanned.

Register your dog at Dogs Lost. It is a free service that help to reunite lost and found pets with their owners.

They have an army of co-ordinators and helpers throughout the country and have gained vast experience over more than 10 years. They will help you to produce poster's and email them to local helpers, recommend who to notify, send tweets, and much much more. Get these posters out to your local vets, lamp posts, local parks and anywhere people are likely to walk and see it. If you are near bridge paths or public foot paths, make sure you put them up there too. Dogslost will also email their volunteers to get them on the track of your dog. They will even help you with press releases. They also have loads of advice and tips on their web site to help you through.

You can pre-register your dog on Dogslost, so in the event that the worst happens, you can quickly activate the search for your missing canine companion.

Lastly, contact your pet insurer (if you have insurance). Most policies come with insurance to pay for advertising. This can help pay for adverts in your local newspaper, the cost of printing flyers and other steps you may need to take to be reunited with your dog.

Please put a post up here too. Even if it is only moral support, we'd like to help. Don't forget to attach your Dogslost poster.

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