How to find a lost dog

If you have lost your Schnauzer or have found one, then please post here. Our members will cross post to Facebook and various other sites to help reunite Schnauzer and owner.
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How to find a lost dog

Post by Dinkum »

This came across my desk and I thought it was worthwhile sharing. Don't know if it will help, but never give up hope.

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Re: How to find a lost dog

Post by Maty »

This is some of the excellent advice that Doglost would hand out too :D

They also suggest laying a scent trail using the contents of your hoover bag mixed with wee (yes, really ;) )

Once you know where the dog is they may also suggest setting up a feeding station to keep the dog in a safe area until it can be caught BUT there are many steps before you get to this stage and they really are the go to people when you are in need of that sort of help ;)" onclick=";return false;

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