Dog theft gangs in W Yorks - a warning

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Dog theft gangs in W Yorks - a warning

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Today, we discovered indelible paint smeared on our front door. This is classic tagging used by dog theft gangs. We live in the Calder Valley and I urge you all, PLEASE, be on the lookout. We have been able to remove the paint, but only by using a wire brush! We have reported this to the police, all the local vets, dog groomers, Pennine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), pet suppliers and the local newspaper. This is what I wrote:
Yesterday, an indelible paint mark was placed on our front door that is very suspicious and indicates a possible targeting by dog theft gangs. The paint was hard to remove and we had to use a wire brush to get it off completely.

We attach a photograph of the mark, which is causing us some anxiety, and has been reported to West Yorkshire Police, under reference number 747.

I would urge you to print this out and place it on your noticeboard and draw this to the attention of your clients. Where ever possible, they should ensure all doors and windows are locked at all times and to report any suspicious behaviour to the police. In addition, this has been circulated widely on social media.

Dog theft is a despicable and cruel crime and that anyone would consider doing this is unforgivable.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Best regards
Please can you try to spread this around social media? I would be absolutely devastated if I lost my little boy. He is everything to me and this incident has really frightened me :-s

Thank you

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Re: Dog theft gangs in W Yorks - a warning

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Great work. I pray and hope that your sincerer initiative and wise effort will keep your boy safe and secure.

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Re: Dog theft gangs in W Yorks - a warning

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Prayers for safety and peace for you and your sweet little dog.

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