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Changes to Microchip Database Websites

Posted: 16 Apr 2021, 14:22
by zeta1454
This is just to let everyone know that both Petlog and Identibase have recently revamped their websites and this has resulted in some issues where people can no longer access the details of their dogs either to check all is OK or to update addresses or other health details (e.g neutering info) under their microchip account.

I had to set up a new online account with Petlog although it did have all the relevant details of the dogs in my name but I couldn’t access them. When I could get in to the account, there was only one of the two dogs who should have been there and it took a couple of weeks for them to locate and link up both dogs under my account. With Identibase, they had only one of four dogs listed originally and I had to again wait about 2 weeks after contacting them to have all four in the same account.

The companies do insist that the data is all there and the information would be available if a dog went missing but obviously you do need to be confident that you can see all the details of the microchipped dogs in your name at the correct address in one account.

It is vital that a dog’s microchip contact details are kept up to date as although no-one wants to contemplate a situation where your dog goes missing, it can happen to anyone and, as dogs are sometimes found far from their home locality, it is important that the microchip does link to the correct owner’s address.

If you don’t know the database on which your dog is registered, you can check the microchip via the Identibase website and it will tell you on which database the details are held. Use the ‘Check A Chip’ link:

The new Petlog website is now linked to the new Kennel Club website which has also had a disastrous revamp with many people’s accounts disappearing or being unable to be accessed. Both Petlog and Identibase do have links on their websites to contact them direct if you cannot access or edit your dog’s details on your online account.

Re: Changes to Microchip Database Websites

Posted: 16 Apr 2021, 14:59
by Dinkum
Thanks for the heads up.

I have registered with the new web site and both my two are on there. Although some of their details seem to have been scrambled.

Re: Changes to Microchip Database Websites

Posted: 17 Apr 2021, 11:29
by Oscar 12345
I had to submit a form advising that Otto's details had not carried across. Took them about 1 week to move his info so all good now for me at least.

Re: Changes to Microchip Database Websites

Posted: 19 Apr 2021, 09:46
by schnauzer
I had to do the same as when I checked they were holding Gino's details.