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Post by trishyk56 » 19 May 2019, 08:27

Yesterday my mini schnauzer Harry aged 5 had what seems to have been a fit.He was lying on his back and foaming from the mouth.My partner found him and put him back on his paws, but he was very wobbly and hot.I was away last week and Harry was with my dog minder. Apparently he wasn’t eating his usual food whilst there and she gave him tripe with his kibble. He came home yesterday looking a bit fatter and windy. My daughter took him to the vet and they seem to think he did have a fit,but are schnauzers prone to fits or could the tripe have caused this? :(

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Re: Fit

Post by zeta1454 » 19 May 2019, 11:05

Hi Tricia, so sorry to hear about Harry and hope that he is OK now.

It is very unlikely that the tripe would have triggered a fit unless it was contaminated with some toxins but presumably this would have affected any other dog which your dog minder had fed with it. Tripe is a very gentle and safe food for dogs and we have fed it to ours for over a decade with no issues.

The tripe or the mix of tripe with kibble might cause a tummy upset or wind and it sounds as though Harry may have been getting too much food / treats if he looks fatter than usual especially after only a week but should not cause a fit.

There are unfortunately a wide range of things that may trigger a fit in dogs and, unless you know where Harry has been, exactly what he has eaten (including scavenging), it is hard to work out what it is in this case. Agricultural and garden sprays including use by councils of weed killers can include chemicals that are toxic to dogs; sheep and horse worming treatments are high strength and potentially fatal to dogs who eat the poo of recently wormed animals; certain plants are also toxic as are a range of food items that might be offered to a dog as a treat such as peanut butter if it contains xylitol; slug pellets are another seriously dangerous toxin for dogs. Any of these could trigger a fit in an affected dog as can certain spot on flea and worm treatments.

I have no experience of seizures in mini schnauzers we have had over the past 20 years (7 minis) although there are some Forum members who have dogs with epilepsy. It was not listed high as a condition in a survey of miniature schnauzer health conducted by the Kennel Club - affecting just over 2% of the dogs surveyed): ... nauzer.pdf

There is a link here regarding seizures in dogs generally:

Try not to worry if Harry seems to have recovered now but watch for any signs that he is not well and go back to the vet. If it was a one-off exposure to something in the environment or something he scavenged to eat, it may never happen again but, if there is more to it, the vets are the best ones to diagnose what it may be.
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Re: Fit

Post by Oscar 12345 » 19 May 2019, 21:03

So sorry to hear about Harry. My last schnauzer had 2 fits in his life. Once when after he had licked some steroid cream that had been prescribed by the vet for his paw... never again will I use cream where they can lick it. The second time was a brief fit and then he fainted. I have absolutely no idea why but it didn't happen again. I recently chatted with a woman for had a 5 year old female schnauzer that had had a few fits and seemed to be when she had over heated but otherwise was fit and well. Other than that I don't know anyone else who has experienced this with their schnauzer. It is very frightening to see though. Hope that one is it for Harry.
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Re: Fit

Post by Pumpkin » 20 May 2019, 16:05

Hi Tricia. Sorry to hear about Harry's fit - scary and awful to watch.

Charlie has had fits regularly since the age of about 18mth (I always put down to using Advocate but just my opinion), he is 7 now and started having them every two months so we now use natural remedies to treat him and he has been fit free for 4mth (touching every piece of wood I can find).
It is usually something chemically that triggers them or they can sometimes come on with illness but if he has been checked over by the vet probably more likely the chemical / toxic route, I would doubt tripe.
Something to keep and eye on and if he has them regularly from now think about some sort of treatment - if you ever need any pointers then just message me, always happy to pass on what I have learned about epilepsy and fits over the past 5 years!
Basics of caring for a fitting dog are to keep you hands well away from their mouths and just be with them for when they come round and make sure they cannot hit their head on anything with the jerking. Charlie is groggy for a good half an hour...and then ravenous!!

Hopefully this is a one off incident :ympray: but shout if you ever need any help

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