Color change?

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Color change?

Post by Kahanar »

Hi community. Does Miniature Schnauzer can change the color? I adopted a black and silver puppy and I noticed that it only has silver coloration on its legs. I'm wondering if the silver coloration will grow more on other parts of its body once it gets a little older. I appreciate it if someone can give their input on this. Thanks.

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Re: Color change?

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Eric,
A black and silver miniature schnauzer has silver colouring on chest, beard, eyebrows and leg furnishings so not sure if your puppy does not have these? The colour will develop as the puppy matures but there should be some showing on the relevant areas already. This is a photo of a young black and silver puppy where you can see where the silver areas are developing:

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