Loss of appetite following spaying

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Loss of appetite following spaying

Post by Meggy1 » 09 Dec 2017, 10:22

Hi - our 8 month old miniature schnauzer was spayed on Wednesday and still barely eating, in other members experience is this normal, she is fussy at the best of times!

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Re: Loss of appetite following spaying

Post by zeta1454 » 09 Dec 2017, 12:12

The spay operation is quite a major surgery and there will be pain and the after effects of both surgery and the anaesthetic for her to contend with. Although we have not experienced any of our miniature schnauzers going off their food after a spay, dogs are individual and, if your girl has been fussy in the past this could explain it.

Post-operation it is best to offer very light food - cooked chicken or fish for example and, if you have not tried this, I would offer her small meals of this kind of food until she has been to the vets for her post-op check up.

I would not worry too much if she is still a bit down and not eating / behaving normally given such a major operation but, if you are really concerned, I would ring the vets and have a chat with a vet who may be able to reassure you or advise bringing her back earlier for the post-operative check-up.
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Re: Loss of appetite following spaying

Post by Robin black mini » 10 Dec 2017, 11:09

Hi,sorry to hear she's feeling poorly...I suggest hills a/ d canned food at this stage for the convalescent dog...its been specifically designed as a puree,easily eaten,high calorie food for situations such as this...
My immune deficient poodle girl was often anorexic and we used to put this food directly into her mouth to ensure she didn't drop weight ...
By now I hope your girl has picked up on her appetite..once she's eating again,id offer boiled meat,soaked kibble etc..whatever she will eat when she regains he old appetite back..
I'd also keep an eye on her stitches...we used to dust the wound with gold bond antiseptic talc,which reduced itching.l kept the wound dry and stopped any licking by putting the dog in a baby gro.this way you avoid the e collar.

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