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Cleaning vulva HELP!

Posted: 18 Oct 2020, 16:04
by Puppymum
My dog has in inverted vulva and she has dermatitis round it and it is infected, we’ve seen the vet got antibiotics, steroids and been instructed to clean the area daily with hibiscrub, she will not let me near her rear end with anything never mind cotton wool and hibiscrub. How can I do this any ideas Or tips I’m desperate for some inspiration so I can get her better.
Would sitting her in a shallow bath with the hibiscrub so her rear end was soaked in it be ok ?

Re: Cleaning vulva HELP!

Posted: 18 Oct 2020, 17:36
by zeta1454
Hi Michelle - sorry to hear that your dog is suffering from this infection.

I would check with the vet re whether sitting in a shallow bath with diluted hibiscrub would be OK although it sounds as though this might be the best solution if she is really anxious about being touched at her rear end, which is understandable as she is probably in a lot of pain there.

Do be careful that she does not lick the hibiscrub though as I think it can cause issues if swallowed.

There is a gentle anti-bacterial liquid that can be used for dogs for skin infections and comes in a spray bottle so easier to apply perhaps? It is called Leucillin and is quite safe if licked by a pet: ... ans(en|en)

I would suggest maybe giving your little one a pre/probiotic which will help boost the good bacteria in her system if she is on antibiotics. A product such as Yudigest (which is a tablet that can be crushed and added to food: ... -kQAvD_BwE

I do hope that she recovers very soon.