Rehome cancelled

If you have recently taken in a rescue Schnauzer or rehomed a Schnauzer and need some advice, then please feel free to ask here. Whether it be about integrating your new dog into your home, health or behavioural issues, someone is sure to be able to help.
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Nina and Janet
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Rehome cancelled

Post by Nina and Janet » 25 May 2018, 02:59


My sister's family have decided the time is right to get their first schnauzer - they are looking for a female mini aged 1.5-4.5 And they thought they had found one, only the seller pulled out (it is so very hard to let them go) and now they are disappointed especially the 15 y,o. who has health problems and a passion for dogs.

So I thought I would put a shout out in case anyone knew of any suitable girls looking for a rehome. I don't think a dog with serious problems would be suitable as a first dog but they were prepared to put the work in, helping the first dog adjust from life with a breeder to life as a pet.

This is the background info:


Family, living in Surrey with 3 girls, 2 at university and the youngest, 15, is ill so has to spend a lot of time in bed, so cuddles and rests would abound my sister walks most days anyway so the dog will be well exercised. She has also seen my schnauzer eat the barf diet and hopes to introduce the dog to that too. They are prepared to drive quite a distance for the right dog. I should mention that my sister does not view this as a way to get a cheap dog and is expecting to pay for the new member of the family.

Please get in touch if you know of a lead (ho ho) We expect to continue looking into the summer.


Nina and Janet

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Re: Rehome cancelled

Post by zeta1454 » 25 May 2018, 08:37

Hi - sorry to hear that the rehome did not work out.

Have you contacted the breed club rescues? ... breed=4096

It is always a gamble with a direct rehome contact if you do not know the person who is trying to rehome a dog as you can never be certain of getting a true picture of the dog in terms of any behavioural or health issues. It is still not 100% certain of course through a rescue organisation but the best ones will assess the dog, may foster it for a while and should have a more objective view of a good match between family and dog. It is just as important with an older dog as it is with a puppy to be sure that the family are the right ones to have the ability to give the dog the happiest forever home and that the dog does not have any issues which a novice schnauzer family especially may find very challenging.

Inevitably, even from the best background, a rehomed dog may have quirks or behaviours that have become established over time and which a new family may not know and so it can be a steep learning curve especially if they have not had that breed or even any dog before.
Good luck in your search but do be very cautious with any offers of a dog for rehoming from someone or somewhere that you do not know and make sure, if it is a private offer, that you visit several times and get to know them and the dog in the same way you would with a puppy :)
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Re: Rehome cancelled

Post by Oscar 12345 » 25 May 2018, 08:50

I would contact some of the larger breeders, they occasionally do let go some of their show dogs if they have decided that they don't wish to show them any more. One breeder I know let a 1.5 month dog go because he got too overwhelmed when shown but apart from that was a wonderful dog. You could be lucky and you could help out a breeder who loves his/her dogs but needs to let one go. They do take a little adjustment because they will have been used to kennels but the breeder told me that they soon adjust to a new life which has so many more luxuries than they have ever experienced. Good luck, you sound like you can offer a wonderful home to a little schnauzer.
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