Advice needed please.

If you have recently taken in a rescue Schnauzer or rehomed a Schnauzer and need some advice, then please feel free to ask here. Whether it be about integrating your new dog into your home, health or behavioural issues, someone is sure to be able to help.
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Advice needed please.

Post by The_nortons » 23 Nov 2016, 10:21

Hello everyone.
I am in a bit of a dilemma at the moment with our dogs.
Basically we got Frankie the miniature schnauzer a year ago as a pup and he is a great little dog, he was a brilliant little companion, very intelligent, and easy going. My wife convinced herself he needed a friend and she really wanted a spaniel but decided on a cockapoo as they should be low shedding. I wasn't 100% but got swept along and agreed to get our second dog, bell the cockapoo. The problem I have is I hate the cockapoo! She destroyed his bed within a week of being here, she is very jealous and dominant, she is whiney and needs so much attention. It sounds a bit extreme but she has ruined dog ownership for me! Frankie used to come out and about with me in the day if I was out in my truck or at the workshop but I can't take one without the other so I end up taking neither as I can't take my eyes off her for a second. I admit she is a lovely natured dog, very affectionate and some dog owners may like that but she is too needy and high maintenance for me.
I have decided I want to rehome the cockapoo and I think my wife would agree (although she won't admit it) the problem is the two dogs get on well and I'm worried about the effect it will have on Frankie if bell goes. Some of her bad behaviour has rubbed off on him, he has become a bit destructive and will join in the bed eating sessions. I just dont want to end up resenting them both because I feel too guilty to get rid of one.
so if I were to rehome bell is it likely to have a negative effect on frank or will the fact he will be able to spend more time with me compensate for that?

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Re: Advice needed please.

Post by Robin black mini » 23 Nov 2016, 14:24

If Frankie is just a year old,then Bell must still be a pup...and being part cocker spaniel won't calm down without a real effort being put in on her training and excercise.If she was your wife's choice and your wife really doesn't want to commit to Bell ,then the best advise I would give is to BEG the breeder to take her back .Count your lucky stars if she will do this,don't try to take money for her and don't get another pup without really weighing up how life changing they can be.
Your boy Frankie will be fine and you will be as you once were. The one you should be worrying for is Bell who will have to be rehomed within her first year of life. The risks of selling her on are many..she will soon be able to reproduce,be careful to whom you sell...if she's nine months or more could you spay her before you sell?

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Re: Advice needed please.

Post by zeta1454 » 23 Nov 2016, 16:20

There are a number of things which puzzle me about your post:

According to your previous posts, you got Frankie in December 2014 which makes him 2 years old now (not just a year ago).

You say that Bell is your wife's dog or at least was purchased for her and yet you talk as though you are Bell's sole carer. Why do you need to take Bell with you to work? What training and socialisation has been done with Bell? How does your wife feel about Bell and why is she not looking after her?

Bell's behaviour sounds pretty usual for a puppy in the early months if not longer and I do not understand why you are so intolerant of this.

I do find it very disturbing that someone who owns dogs should confess to hatred of one of them. :(

If this is a genuine post, then I agree with Robin that you should discuss with your wife returning Bell to her breeder. If the breeder is a responsible breeder they will take her back. If the breeder cannot or will not take her then you should contact one of the Cockapoo Rescue/Rehoming centres. ... -care.html" onclick=";return false;

The link above is for the UK but if you are in another country I am sure an internet search will help you find one local to you.

As Robin says, rehoming Bell will be traumatic for her but better than staying in a home where she is hated :(
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Re: Advice needed please.

Post by The_nortons » 23 Nov 2016, 23:16

Sorry, my mistake, it was 2014 we got Frankie and bell around 9 months after. I work nights and was very tired this morning when I posted. When I say Frankie used to come out and about with me, I have a workshop and mess around with cars as a hobby, my recovery truck is used to transport race cars.
It may seem a bit strong to say I hate bell but it's how I feel. As I said Frankie was so easy going when it was just him, I went to training classes with him and he was a great little companion but I feel bell has come along and spoiled it. Although my wife refers to them as family dogs I wanted the schnauzer and she wanted the cockapoo but it falls on me to do most the walking/training etc.
If I were to rehome bell I would likely give her to my uncle who is an experienced dog owner, already has spaniels and lives in a more rural area with an outdoor lifestyle.
I know I probably come across as mean but she is driving me mad and I'm becoming very resentful of her, surely it's understandable there's dogs who you just don't get along with just the same as some people.

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Re: Advice needed please.

Post by Dawnspell » 24 Nov 2016, 07:03

If you have a suitable home in your Uncle then I think that sounds like a good option. Your wife might disagree though but at least she would have contact. Then stick as a one dog family.

Someone I know had an oversized Yorkshire terrier puppy which I could only describe as manic Tasmanian devil on steroids. It was as though it was on full throttle with no off switch. No exaggeration it would get out of their car and jump on the bonnet of our cars race across the roof and jump off the back and do this more than once. In the house it would literally be hurdling over the settees non stop racing through the house. They did no training with it and it showed but that dog really would have been a challenge I'm not sure I could have coped being its owner.
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