Advice re: whether this is breed for me

If you have recently taken in a rescue Schnauzer or rehomed a Schnauzer and need some advice, then please feel free to ask here. Whether it be about integrating your new dog into your home, health or behavioural issues, someone is sure to be able to help.
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Advice re: whether this is breed for me

Post by MayC » 07 Nov 2017, 21:55

Hi all!

DH and I are considering adopting a Giant Schnauzer (possibly mix?) from a prison training program. I plan to continue training and use this dog in my psychotherapy practice for Animal Assisted Therapy, as well as being our fur-kid.
The things I've read about the breed are not strongly encouraging as to his suitability for therapy work. However, at 10 months old, this dog is extremely friendly and playful, has shown no discomfort with strangers, loves other dogs, and seems to have a generally outgoing personality.
Is he perhaps just too young to have exhibited these traits (territorialism, intolerance of other dogs, cats, etc)?? I'd like to adopt based on what I see before me and not judge by breed, because each dog is unique, but I also don't want to make a stupid choice.


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Re: Advice re: whether this is breed

Post by Robin black mini » 08 Nov 2017, 11:38

Your question could be answered in so many ways depending on so many factors...

Any large breed with a propensity to guard WILL absolutely change as it develops from a social ten month old pup into its mature state...and these dogs are not fully grown until three years..both my rottie and dogue de Bordeaux changed into very serious dogs after the first year...the delightfully friendly pup you have now before you may well become more reserved as adolescence passes.
Both my dogs were CDX trained,but I'd not have thought they would have made good therapy dogs...obvious therapy breeds would be Labrador etc..

What type of therapy work is the pup going to do?

What training has he had at the prison? usually,dogs destined for therapy work will do basic obedience then follow very specific trading depending on their destined future.THis specific training usually starts when the pup is six months onwards..

What training have you had to take this rescue into future therapy work..?

Be sure your insurance for public liability is up to date..

My feeling is this would be a very risky choice ,especially as you have not raised this dog from a pup..

You haven't given much info about yourselves,nor am I clear if this is a giant schnauzer or a mixed breed( bred with what?The latter point would bring in other considerations) the answers above are my first thoughts on the brief info given.

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